6 thoughts on “3 Angels in wetsuits!”

  1. What I find more puzzling, is why are they stripping naked on their way to the cave, having left the watertight packs containing all their clothes behind them on the beach along with the rest of their gear? That means that they’d have to walk back to the beach from the cave naked & carrying their wetsuits to be able to reach their packs of clothes & get dressed- & yet they’re seen afterward back on the beach, fully dressed & stashing their gear in the packs.

  2. I really like how they getting into their scuba gear and then going in. But I would prefer if there was screenshots of them scuba diving to shore, rather than just getting to shore after entering the water. Another thing, I would prefer to know where did they keep their clothes after taking off their scuba gear and wetsuits.

    • Yeah, there are quite a few things they could have done better or shown better in this one. But well, the footage that is there is quite nice.


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