Frogwoman VIP Club 2.0: May 2023

New month, new content for the VIP Club here on Frogwoman!


   (the picture is just a logo for the VIP Club)

The VIP-Club 2.0 has been updated with new material, enjoy!

7(!) scubalicious videos are waiting for you this month:

 1 mystery video

+ a video with a highlight compilation of my favorite (female) “out of air” scenes from movies and TV shows (long cut)

+ Video 1 from Project F – Frogwoman Alice tries a vintage Technisub FFM, wearing an Elios beavertail wetsuit

+ Video 6 from Project F – Frogwoman Uma is wearing a Viking drysuit and an Avon S10 gas mask

+ Video 15 from Project F – “Swimmer VS Frogwoman” – Frogwoman Lucy attacks a swimmer with a snorkel mask

+ Video 16 from Project F – “Scuba Spy, Version 2” – Frogwoman Kara is taking pictures of some secret stuff and Frogwoman Lucy isn’t too happy about that!

+ *NEW* Video 24 from Project F – Agent Kara is taking pictures of a secret underwater base and gets attacked by an evil frogwoman…….and only ONE of them will survive!


All the videos of Project F can be found on this page:


+ another little Bonus for VIP club members:

An Excel file for every video I uploaded to this blog! Incl. the movie title or TV show name (+episode number), a short description, my personal rating, the title of the post, and a link to that post. Basically, it’s a directory if you are looking for a scene from a specific movie. Or the description gets you interested so you can check it out 😉

*UPDATE* May 1: The list now has 303 entries and can now be found in the VIP club (will be updated regularly).


+ a Frogwoman Org trailer version with no music, but the actual sound of all the scenes


+ Scuba Fetish Stories:

7 scuba fetish stories (the complete versions)….written by myself: “Vulcan down” + “Vulcan down: Part 2 – Scuba battle” + “Catwoman – The masked scuba thief” + Vulcan down – Version 2 – Angelo VS Fiona (each at least 15 pages) + “The Scuba Avenger”: Ep 1 – James (6 pages) + The Scuba Avenger”: Ep 2 – Jessica (13 pages) + The scuba instructor (2 versions)

+ the freediving instructor (9 pages)

Here is the site with the preview versions of my stories


Wanna show your support for this blog and get good scuba-fetish videos and stories in return?

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(details on the VIP club entry page)

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