Flipper…and a frogwoman who has to dive too deep!

I checked all 4 seasons of the newer Flipper TV show by now and found quite a lot of good scenes. Some of them were even new to me 🙂

So, in this one, a woman in a dry suit has to dive to defuse some missiles. And she has to dive very deep….and that is where the problems start!


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

[SPOILERS ahead, watch the video first!]

A pretty solid peril scene if you ask me!

I am not sure, but I guess she suffers from nitrogen narcosis as she dives way too deep.

But she had to get to these dangerous warheads.

Again, Flipper saves the day by offering his ride along services 😉

Not the biggest fan of drysuits…but don’t worry this will be the last one you will see in this show.

This is the episode:


What do you think of this scene?

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10 thoughts on “Flipper…and a frogwoman who has to dive too deep!”

  1. Wow! She looked really hot! While I prefer wetsuits to dry suits, she was a good looking woman and she wore a hood and decent looking FFM.
    The dry suit wasn’t the sexiest but beats a woman scuba diving in a bikini any day, also she looked pretty sexy when she was all geared up, dry suit included. I really hope the actress loved doing this scene.

    • Yeah, dry suits are always so….”bulky” compared to wetsuits. Well, the first question would be if the actress actually did the diving. Even with the close ups, most of her face is covered by that mask.
      Could be a stunt diver.

  2. Pretty sure it’s a stunt double, if you look closely you see here zipper isn’t properly closed.
    I love to see women in drysuits and prefers it over wetsuits.
    It’s something about being zipped in her personal cocoon where she can suffer from overheating on land or having trouble if she need to go..

      • Surely it s because the other air supply was making her sleepy ? its the danger element that gives it an extra frisson. Of course , removal of a standard mask is also a thrill !

        • That can be, actually I don’t know that much about deep diving beyond the normal depth. The depth was surely a factor to her bad condition.

          • It all depends on how deep and how long she was diving. I assume she was diving on regulator air as she was getting really narked out. That tank must have been there for decompression or just as an added safety measure. The only reason she would need that air would be to decompress or to breathe from if she ran out of air in her double back mounted air tanks. On such a deep dive she most likely would need to decompress for a time.

            I thought she looked great in her full face mask and liked seeing those big double air tanks on her back!

            Love seeing women taking risks in films and adding to the drama! And it doesn’t hurt that their scuba gear makes them look sexy as you see their nose and mouth covered with breathing gear or bulging full feminine lips around a breathing regulator.

  3. This is the most interest way that (Colleen Flynn) Dr. Pamela Blondel has scuba dived in this show, Flipper, in a drysuit, having two air tanks, with flipper, the dolphin, and how does on the scuba, and my favorite.


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