Female scuba diver trapped in wreck! Can she be saved?

It’s Sunday and that means it’s time for a new post!

This one is from a TV show that airs its 7944th(!) episode tomorrow and that is on air since 1988!

With that many episodes, it can only mean one thing: It’s a daily soap …an Australian daily sop to be more precise.

And you can’t have an Australian TV show with that many episodes without some scuba scenes 😉


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Here is the video:

Watch the video before you continue!

Well, quite a good scuba peril scenario with some unusual aspects.

She gets trapped with 80 bar left which is unusually “much” for such a perilous scenario in a movie or TV show. I mean that is still 40% of her normal tank capacity which is 200 bar (mostly).

Normally scuba divers get trapped and have only some minutes of air left 😉

Also, it’s interesting that the diver with the full tank just arrives some seconds too late, rather unusual.

I mean ok, in the end, she seemingly survives ….as I have checked just one more episode where she is in the hospital…. so he was quick enough for her to survive. And well, her guy would have drowned as well, since his tank was empty as well.

It’s a shame that it’s only shown how she reacts as her tank is finally completely empty, but her actual drowning isn’t shown and she then floats on the ceiling, even that discovery is quite dramatic as well.

All in all a really good “trapped underwater” scenario.

The episode numbers for this video are 1145 and 1146… of this show in case you wanna know:


What do you think of that scene?

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9 thoughts on “Female scuba diver trapped in wreck! Can she be saved?”

  1. Sorry, but don’t see an IMDb link or the TV show title. I never knew any TV series anywhere was that long, except maybe SNL here in the US, now on the 48th season. Can you tell us or provide a link? Thank you, Dr. J

  2. Agree with your notes. Good scene almost nearly a great scene. Would have loved to see her a little closer as she struggled with the dead reg… pulling it in a panic from her lips… inhaling a bit of ocean as she floats up to the ceiling of the wreck…

  3. Thank you for episodes data. Where exactly did you find the three episodes you mention here (1145, 1146 and the next subsequent episode that you checked to find her outcome – alive in the hospital)? I’d be interested in seeing those 3 whole episodes if I can access them anywhere. Thank you, Dr. J.


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