Female scuba diver lost at sea

…and no, I am not talking about the movie “Open Water” 😉

We have a woman and a guy who dive around and get quite surprised when they resurface!


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Here is the video:

Not sure how realistic it is that it would drift away and then also drift away from sight completely in the matter of one dive.

But that’s not important.

All in all a nice perilous scene, even if the peril happens on the surface.

Interestingly the guy uses the regulator that normally is mounted on an Interspiro AGA full-face scuba mask.

Quite unusual.

Some really nice underwater footage is included.

If I would have filmed that scenario an evil frogwoman in black rubber would have sneaked onto the boat during their dive and would have stolen it to leave them to their fate.

Much cooler than the boat just drifting away 😉

Wanna know from which TV show this is?


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