“Dive with me” by Vicky Devika

I wanna present one more stunning video from Vicky Devika!

Over the last year, I already presented more than 10 videos of her in which she wore stunning outfits and used all sorts of different scuba masks.

In these videos, some great fantasies of mine come to life, and I am sure that many of you will love these videos as well!

Today I wanna present the video “Dive with me”.


Official description by Vicky:

Close your eyes and imagine… You’re by my side, submerged underwater as you breathe from your favorite regulator. You open your eyes slowly, taking it all in: the rubber suit hugging my tight body, my perky lips wrapped around the mouthpiece and my playful eyes gazing at you through the slightly foggy lens of the mask. Your dream has come true: you are right here, diving with me.

What happens next is entirely up to you… you know I’m willing, and up for anything 😉

Here are some images from the video:

And a preview snippet:


Yeah, her description of the video fits very well (as usual)!

This video works perfectly if you imagine that it would be you who is diving with her. The camera works like a first-person camera in a video game, and with a little imagination….well you are underwater with her…. 😉

I really love this kind of view and this kind of immersion into it, here in this case the immersion into the dive.

As usual, Vicky is wearing her sexy latex catsuit and one of her great vintage regulators in this video.

Obviously, this was filmed at night so there is a nice contrast with brighter and darker areas, I like that look!


Here are the important links for you:

“Dive with me” on Clip4sale

Vicky Devika on Clip4sale

Vicky Devika’s website/links

What do you think of her gear and this scenario?

You are welcome to post a comment!

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