Catwoman – the masked scuba thief

Finally, my combined story project for both blogs is ready!

And it has a pretty long fetish story with 18 pages full of:

Massive peril elements incl. unmasking struggle, breathplay, drowning elements, sex in rubber, scuba diving, scuba fights, and MORE!

…starring Catwoman in a rubber scuba suit (with mask) who wants to rob a yacht….and that doesn’t go as planned 😉

The preview version with 14 pages is here, free for All:

Catwoman – the masked scuba thief – Preview version

The full version with 18 pages can be found in the VIP clubs of and here on Frogwoman!

Frogwoman VIP Club

So, you are very welcome to join one of them to get this story AND much additional content (more stories and videos!).

What do you think of the story?

Feel free to leave a comment!

11 thoughts on “Catwoman – the masked scuba thief”

  1. Dear KingSiggi:

    You might – JUST might – find plenty of frogwomen in the 1975 flick Waves of Lust, in which plenty of frogwomen are in a rescue operation saving a frogman who just bit off than he could chew.

    Just a friendly suggestion.

    – LJ

    • Hey,

      thanks for the recommendation! But I do know that one, haven’t posted it yet due to the “sexyness” which is always a problem on youtube.
      Maybe I will post it somewhere else and make a post about it.

  2. Wow , just had a chance to finally sit down and read the Catwoman story in its entirety.
    I really liked it especially when he seduced her on the boat and cut the [Spoiler ;-)].
    [Spoiler ;-)]
    the scene where she was squeezing the other woman’s rebreather hose created quite an image as well. It’s a shame she had to return to being plain old Selina Kyle.

  3. No problem. I meant it’s a shame she had to end her underwater adventure and lose the frog woman suit and go back to normal ( as Norma as Selina can be)

  4. Amazing story, man. A diving catwoman is very exciting. And the thieving scuba divers infiltrating yachts are a very attractive fetish 🙂
    The only problem is that you say late that her wetsuit is vintage beaver tail. My favorite! Haha!

  5. Just read the instructor XXX version. I really enjoyed reading it. My favorite parts were when Michelle was enjoying the feel of her wetsuit tight fit and how she felt sexually stimulated inside it.

    Also the part when Mike slowly turned off her air tank to get her to struggle to get enough air to fill her lungs.

    Also when she pleaded to Mike to give her air as she was near the end of her breath hold capacity. It is exhilarating to think of a beautiful sexy scuba clad woman coming so close to experiencing her mortal need to breathe air. I guess I enjoy the breath play aspect. I sometimes wonder if some make and female scuba diver lovers actually engage in that type of air play.

    I once wrote a story on Aquafans about a husband and wife who enjoyed diving deep on wrecks and entering and turning off each other’s air to experience that feeling of vulnerability knowing that if they did not turn their valves back to open they would surely drown! It can add to sexual excitement as it is very intense. And also that rush of relief when you see your partner really struggling and getting desperate for air and you have the power to save her and you do and watch her eyes when she takes that life saving breath.

    I don’t like the drowning stories unless that diver is really evil and deserving of it. I like near drowning but actually get more of a thrill when they get access to that life saving breath!

    Anyway that couple I was talking about in my story play at cutting off each other’s air and get so excited that the woman further seduces her lover by seductively unzipping her wetsuit jacket and groping her breasts infront of him. And then she undoes his beavertail and caresses his manhood and drives him crazy so he is begging for intercourse! Then she started deep into his eyes and slowly undoes her beavertail and reaches to insert him inside her. Bubbles of ecstacy flow from their regulators and they nearly run out of air as they cum together deep inside a wreck!

    • That was the wrong post for this comment 😉
      But thanks for your kind words! Glad you enjoyed it.
      Your story sounds really sexy 🙂


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