What can you do to keep me motivated to run this blog?

Hey folks! Just a post about my motivation for this blog:

*EDIT*: That is not supposed to be a rant for the “feedback” situation right now (that has been worse in the past), it is just some sort of reminder for the 98% that doesn’t give any feedback at all. Perhaps we can reduce that to 96% ;-), that would be a victory already.

Why do I run this blog (and these two sister blogs), what is my motivation? Because it takes a lot of time to make the post, edit the videos, and most important: It takes much time to know about these interesting scenes in the first place! Sometimes I get recommendations and find stuff online, BUT it is a lot of research! And that takes time….and a lot of it! There isn’t a lexicon with links to all the great scenes….

Well, what motivates me to run this blog (and the youtube channel)?


– Feedback on the posts/videos  (getting in touch with folks with the same interests)

—-You can comment here on the site with the comment function at the bottom of each post

—-You can comment on youtube, leave a “like” and subscribe to my channel there (Frogwoman on youtube)

—-You can contact me more directly by using the contact page (check the menu for that page)


– Recommendations for scenes I don’t know

—- That way I learn about new stuff (for me at least), and that is very satisfying! I do know many, many scenes/movies/TV series, but there are always scenes that I don’t know yet.


– You can donate and get in the VIP-club

Well, it is a donation for this blog. And that makes me happy too. It isn’t much that comes out of it, but if 3 or 4 folks donate something each month, that is already a lot for me.

And if you donate, you will get access to the VIP club where you can see videos, that I can’t post on the “normal” blog.


I know it is tough to recommend me stuff, and not everyone has a PayPal account or money to donate.

But to subscribe to my youtube channel and click on “like” if you actually like the video, is rather easy! And it doesn’t take much time…

Let’s see if nobody would give feedback, recommend or donate anything….well, there would be no reason to spend that much time in keeping running the sites and youtube channels.

So, I just wanna encourage the folks, who did nothing of that….. to be a little active! Don’t just lurk around the internet….


12 thoughts on “What can you do to keep me motivated to run this blog?”

  1. Well, I try to coment sometimes, but English is not my usual idiom and that is a bit difficult for me. But I try to leave a comment if the scene is interesting to me 🙂 But I stay here and enjoying your magnificent work.

    In this way, I recomend you two scennes that maybe you do not know:

    TV series “The man from Atlantis”. Episode “Hawk of Mu”. In this episode, character Dr Elizabeth Merril dive with the protagonist to an underwater cave (we see them when they have arrived). When they return to their submarine, we can see her almost completely with her wet black wetsuit. It’s one of the best scenes I’ve seen. In the DVD edition it looks really good.

    In the same TV series, episode “Deadly carnival”. Here, we see a “scuba class” and a woman with an amazing black vintage wetsuit emerges to scream help. Sadly, we only can see her chest over the water, but aniway the scene is very cool.

    If you don’t know this show, I hope to discover it and enjoy.

    • Thanks for the compliment! By the way: There is the option to use the google translator on the site. It’s in on the right site, just scroll down a bit. Don’t know if your english is better than these translations….but it may be worth a try.
      Well, I do know the show, but have seen only a few episodes some years back. So I guess it’s maybe time to watch more of it 😉
      And these scenes sound interesting, thanks a lot!

  2. Your Frogwoman posts are always something to look forward to. If I can think of any scenes in my failing memory that would be something you could use I will let you know.

    • You’re welcome. Well, my English is enought to detect incorrect traslations in Google traslator an use it like support 🙂

      I recommend you that TV show. It contains only four episodes with wetsuit or scuba scennes, but they are very interesting.

  3. Here are a few that I can think of. Uk tv advert Woolmark 1996 on youtube it’s a short add but there are a few good shots.
    And the stowaway body spray advert from uk tv in about 1979 . That one was amazing but had been really hard to find.( however your powers of research seem to be better than mine)
    I am sure the 80’s film cocoon with Steve Gutenberg had several shots of a woman in a blue 80’s full wetsuit
    And there was at least on murder she wrote were a woman is seen in a full black wetsuit diving with two men but is murderd on dry land about two scenes later, but no longer in her rubber gear.
    If I think of any more I will let you know.

    • Well, I have my sources when it comes to movies and TV series. But regarding ADs….
      Thanks for the recos, will check them!

  4. right, there was once a clip on youtube (before it unfortunately got deleted) involving two japanese scuba girls (one in a red wetsuit and one in blue) it was from a 1960’s-70’s Japanese television drama/action called playgirls. involved the red diver (and a guy) chased by another diver while the blue diver secretly follows then confronts chasing diver and fights him on the beach.

    hope that helps.

    • Thanks for the reco!
      Yeah, I heard about that series, but wasn’t able to find it, I will have another look around.
      It sounds really cool….

  5. There were two versions of the Woolmark advert unfortunately I could only find the shorter version on YouTube. There is a minuet long version with a lot more shots of her wandering around the yacht in her rubber scuba suit and mask.

  6. I stick to views and subscribers.

    This is a worldwide problem in any fetish or sharing communities. Why should anyone get so involved in a prostate massage when you can just meet people and have fun?

    I think you are not reasoning the right way on that one. The first person to who your collection is adressed to is yourself. Just look at each major contributors on uwcs that died and never got recognition afterward. You fucking do this for yourself and very close friends. Thats all there is to it.

    There is no limit to lust. No end to it. No way of satisfying it fully. Don’t fall in that trap of liking your fans. They will treat you like garbage in a matter of seconds without you knowing it despite your contributions.

    • Prostate Massage? …What?
      Well, of course my collection is adressed to myself…the question is why I’m running this blog and sharing videos with others? I could just enjoy my collection and don’t work on any blog or youtube…
      The Answers can be found in the article…
      And well, the article had an effect. More people posting comments, writing mails to me with recommendations. So I get to know scenes I didn’t know before…and all others can watch them as well on the blog or the Youtube channel.
      I hope it stays that way. It motivates me to run this blog (among other things).


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