VIP Club – March – (and a sweepstake!)

The VIP-Club has been updated with new material, enjoy! 3 new exclusive (as always- not from movies or tv-series) scubalicious videos 😉

Wanna donate some bucks, help a little, and get really good videos in return?

                        (the picture is just a logo for the VIP Club)



And for this month, I…. had…. a little sweepstake! I made a very short video with 3 great peril scenes!

>>>>*EDIT* Sweepstake already finished with an early winner!<<<<


The first one who can name all 3 movie titles (tough enough) that are in the video….will get the password for this month///or a month extra for free, if you are a member already!

If you are following this blog for some time, you should know all 3 scenes, but this frogwoman VIP-sweepstake isn’t too easy (the one on Maskripper is a little easier I guess).

Just use the comment section below! And please use a mail-adress, to which I can send you the password.

(the comments always need to be approved by me first, before they are visible to all – so if there isn’t a comment yet, and you put on a comment, it can be ….that some one else commented before you…)

>>>>*EDIT* Sweepstake already finished with an early winner!<<<<

4 thoughts on “VIP Club – March – (and a sweepstake!)”

    • Wow, that was quick!
      Well, “Tricked” isn’t the original title, but it is the english title on IMDB, so it counts! (Original: Einladung zum Mord)
      I guess I’ll have to make a clip that is more difficult to crack…. next time.

  1. In for your eyes only , it is heavily implied that one of the evil henchmen cuts her sexy yellow dive suit off her , with a big sharp knife though we don’t see it happen, in the next scene she is about to be lowered back into the shark infested sea that she has just come from of but this time minute her sexy dive suit and gear.

    • Yeah, that movie has a LOT to offer. Will make a post with the HD upgrade the next weeks. That’s already planned for some weeks.


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