A glimpse into the exciting future! [Project F]

This will be a verrrrrry special post!

Let’s start with this teaser:

Watch the video FIRST before you continue reading!

I thought about not saying anything on this project in advance, but I decided that it might be better to let the cat out of the bag right now… πŸ˜‰

You folks should know by now how much I love to see frogwomen in action scenes.

And despite all the scenes in movies and TV shows, there is still a BIG appetite for MORE as there are basically only 2 or 3 new movies with (at least) solid scuba scenes each year.

Most of the time I am rather disappointed by scuba fetish videos as they don’t provide what I wanna see (with exceptions) and have quite some flaws.

The idea to make scuba fetish videos myself is very old, but I was always afraid of starting such a project.

I said to myself that it would require too much money and would end up in disaster if I would try it.

Or I was wondering what people close to me (outside the scuba community) would think about me doing such videos.

Well, during the last months I started collecting scuba gear.

Scuba gear that I (and hopefully many of you) wanna see in such videos.

I invested some serious money already (for my scale) and the time for hesitating and looking for excuses is over!

In the coming weeks, I am looking for suitable frogwomen and some folks who will help me make such videos.


So, what kind of videos do I wanna make?

A) Sexy frogwomen diving around in sexy wetsuits (“just” sexy, no big action scenes)

B) Sexy frogwomen in peril! (stuck underwater, out of air, sabotage etc.)

C) Sexy frogwomen in combat! (frogwomen fighting each other or against male divers)


I will also continue to gather gear, to have everything that is needed to start this endeavor.

Also, I will start looking for a guy/gal who has experience in underwater filming and can chip in some other qualities as well.

I don’t want to hire (expensive) models as frogwomen, I rather need women who can really dive and can perform underwater action scenes when needed.

Of course, they need to look good as well at the same time. πŸ˜‰

I will make up a list of requirements and so on for that.


In the upcoming weeks, I will make some more posts about this special project!

Here is the trailer with another score….a verrrry famous one:


Do you have questions about this project?

Do you wanna help and participate in this project?

Do you have scuba gear laying around that could be interesting for this project?

Feel welcome to contact me!

Any help is very much appreciated!

Check out the contact form on the About+Contact site….

….or leave a comment below!


18 thoughts on “A glimpse into the exciting future! [Project F]”

    • I am planning on using some gas masks as well for UW videos πŸ˜‰
      Of course, then connected by an air hose.
      And some opponent might have an interest in cutting that one….

  1. What I love the most is seeing women in wet smooth skin wetsuit on the surface breathing through the regulator, the sound the shiny wetsuit etc. Hate when music is added.

    • Yeah, I will include that here and there as well.
      I am thinking about releasing some videos with 2 audio tracks, one with and one without music.

      • Good luck with this new adventure. I would love to help as I have good photography skills, but I think that you are based in the USA, whereas I’m in the UK

  2. that sounds like a big order, I hope it manages to go well. I wouldn’t mind gangs of scuba girls with regulators, masks and wetsuits fighting one another in a underwater battle as a homage to thunderball

    • Well, “gangs” of scuba girls is a little much for starters πŸ˜‰
      Normally there will be 1 or 2 frogwomen in the videos.
      Perhaps later on the scale can get bigger.
      And there will be PLENTY of homages on Thunderball…in many ways.

    • Thanks!
      Not really thought much about custom video orders so far.
      But that might change.
      All depends on how things will work out…or not.

  3. By buying the suit etc first, you might be limiting who can be involved in that project of yours. And the mask may not be a good fit for her, though I guess you’ll be doing shorter dives in relatively shallow water so a small amount of leaking might not be an issue. Personally I’d never dive in any gear other than my own, but maybe that’s just me :p

    • Well, I assembly a variety of suits, masks, and other gear. The suits range from S to L so that should cover nearly every woman with a rather “normal” body type/size.
      For example, I have 4 sexy smoothskin wetsuits by now with different sizes. Some of these suits were lucky findings on eBay in great condition and very reduced price.
      When I start to cast frogwomen I should have always at least 2 suits to choose from for her size, so I think that should work.
      And well, if a frogwoman wanna dive in her own gear, that can be arranged as well. If that gear does fit somehow into my criteria and/or the role in the video.
      I can provide new/individual mouthpieces for the regulators if someone wants it…for example. And diving in a suit that you don’t own….I think that shouldn’t be a problem for the majority (hopefully).

      But well, that casting will be interesting…I hope there are at least some women who are interested in taking part in such videos.
      Especially the skilled frogwomen that I am looking for the action videos.
      The videos of the A) category are open for a much bigger crowd.

      • Well, it certainly sounds like you’re doing your preparations πŸ™‚ Can’t say I haven’t got some curiosity in the project, but I don’t think I’ll be offering myself up as a participant. Maybe some time in the future.

        • If I remember correctly you aren’t living around the corner…so I guess that would make it rather difficult, especially as my damn private jet broke down last week πŸ˜‰

  4. Hello! I am very exciting for your project! In fact I tried a similar project (no scuba but plain underwater peril videos) a year ago,
    but I did not find any local (I’m based in Greece) partner for helping me.

    I would love to help in any way. I own 3 GoPro for my underwater filming but I lack of the appropriate models. Should you plan to travel to Greece this summer, please contact me I would like to have a discussion.

    Question: Do you plan to accept custom requests?

    Best regards!

    • Thanks for reaching out!
      Well, I won’t be over in Greece this summer, but I will keep that in mind.
      Never really thought about custom requests. Maybe if I would like the scenario… it may be worth thinking about it.
      Contact via mail for further communications (check the contact site).


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