A frogwoman (and Casper) VS a shark and a net – scene 1 [Blog exclusive]

A nice user (Lévai József) asked about a certain movie and here is the first scuba scene from it. A free VIP month for him!

It has a frogwoman (Jenny McShane) and Casper van Dien (from Starship Troopers 😉 ) that want to salvage something from a sunken boat in a river.

But there are some problems! An evil, big shark and a net are attacking them…


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

(edit: had to remove it from youtube)

Google Drive link


Well, I like how she practically forces him into the water. 🙂

Ok, the “shark” looks pretty cheap, but well…it is a TV movie from the time when CGI effects weren’t as good…

What is a total mystery to me:

Why in the hell does she take her scuba tank off while being trapped in that net????

It can’t be empty and well…having something to help you breathe underwater is kind of important.

Maybe she just wanted to be “saved” by Casper…. 😆

But glad the fishermen didn’t succeed in drowning our frogwoman.

Here is the link to the movie:


What do you think about that scene?

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7 thoughts on “A frogwoman (and Casper) VS a shark and a net – scene 1 [Blog exclusive]”

    • I will post more of her from this movie. I tried to upload a scene from the sequel…but no luck on youtube.
      Perhaps that will be a blog exclusive.

  1. Well. I saw this movie years ago and … I hate it! Ha ha! Why? Because throughout the film, the girl is dressed in a wetsuit, but the director (great director, yes) never, never! lets us see it properly. We only see her very far or very close in scenes of her head. Honestly, this bothers me a lot. In addition, she is very pretty.

    I understand that the underwater scenes are good, but my fetish is the woman in wetsuit wet and out of the water 🙂

    • Yeah, I looked for better shots of her above the water…but nothing…like you said.
      But what bothers me more: Why the hell did she drop her scuba tank and regulator as the net comes down on them?????
      Would love an explanation for that…. it can’t be empty, they were down for only a couple of minutes…

      • Ha ha! It is a great mystery. I think that some writers simply have visual ideas without sense but that they believe that they will make the viewers get excited.

        • Turns out the buoyancy compensator dive jacket, air tank and mouthpiece regulator SCUBA rig the scuba girl in this scene ditched later turned out to be a lifesaver for her and our hero as they freedive outta Bad Guy HQ.

  2. Beautiful seeing her going scuba diving only until the shark comes in and tries to eat her, which made it scary. But I’m glad that she made it out with the help of the other scuba diver.


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