What a nice (sexy) way to die!

Well, this one doesn’t fit in here at first sight. I agree, but it involves scuba gear, and who could say no to these gorgeous women in bikinis?

And the scene is…..fantastic!

A man is sitting on the terrace of his mansion next to the beach. He records vital information to a tape as suddenly two beautiful women surface from the water…


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

A really cool way to die! A lucky guy 😉

If I ever get assassinated….I want it to be like that.

And that movie is really great, it’s a James Bond spoof with Elke Sommer.

She is one of two female assassins who work the evil villain 🙂


And next week there will be female divers again…I promise.

And here is the SMASHING title of the movie:


On Maskripper, you can find a villainess who likes gas masks verrrry much (scuba related):

The Villainess and her gas mask fetish […and leather fetish]

Your opinion on this scene?

10 thoughts on “What a nice (sexy) way to die!”

  1. Yeah! Fantastic scene. Elke Sommer are wonderful in all the films in which she acts.:)

    Years later we will see her in a fantastic underwater scene in the tv series The six million dollar man in a wonderful black and orange wetsuit. I hope you get that scene.

  2. I cant wait ! don’t get me wrong this scene was good but I will always prefer the sight of a frog woman fully wet suited. and geared up.

    • Me too! But as I watched that movie and this scene with the bikini babes and their harpoons…I knew I had to post it 😉

  3. I love this scene ! It for me is my favourite erotic moment in cinema history! Elke and Sylvia are perfect as the cruel sexy assassins ! The moment the spear hits is a money shot for me ! I saw it as a teenager and have had a thing for Elke and scuba gear women ever since !


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