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[1st post for today]

To all of you who were subscribed to the VIP club in JUNE:

I said that there would be a new video (video 25) in June, but as the Lake shooting has still not happened… the plans had to change… sorry for that.

Even though I said that there would be a new video with a “most likely” in ( )… I want to compensate you guys.

I also posted a link in the VIP club for the folks who haven’t seen a special video so far.


You have two/three options:

A) Either you could wait for video 25 (in August) and get a link to that, even if you then aren’t in the VIP club anymore.

B) You can choose a video that you haven’t seen so far and get a link to that one. You can choose any number from 1-24 (with the exceptions of 3, 5, and 8).


C) …IF you are/were in the VIP club for 6 months or more lately and have thereby seen all the videos already, then contact me so we can find another solution.

So guys, please contact me, you can use the email address from which you got your VIP club password(s).


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