The scuba avenger – ep2 – Jessica – [New scuba fetish story]

So, I decided to write another scuba fetish story.

It is the 2nd adventure of Kate, the naughty, merciless scuba avenger!

This story offers:

sexy frogwomen in vintage rubber suits – scuba peril – breath control play – scuba fights – sexual contents incl. bondage elements …..and more!

These are the two women involved (two frogmen are also in it):

(click on the image to see the large version)

>>>>> You can read the first 7 pages (out of 13) for free here: <<<<<

The Scuba avenger – ep2 – Jessica – (first 7 pages)

(PDF file on google drive)

If you wanna read the whole story with all 13 pages, feel welcome to join the VIP club …..where you can read this AND the other 5 other stories that I wrote.

In addition, you can also watch the videos I present every month in the VIP club, this month:

Frogwoman VIP Club 2.0: January

P.S.: The ending may/should surprise you 😉

4 thoughts on “The scuba avenger – ep2 – Jessica – [New scuba fetish story]”

  1. I have finally had a chance to read your new story on Kate and her adventures. It was great, I have to say I love the vintage gear and the description of Kate fondling Jessica while she is strapped in and rubbered up. The description of Kate’s hard nipples and the mask were a bonus.

  2. great storys and action I wold not have believed the author was female … I thought it was only male divers that get these ideas underwater……


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