The Frogwoman, her stunning rubber wetsuit and the Man from Atlantis

Thanks to Allmanzor, I can present another fine example of a sexy frogwoman in a stunning vintage rubber wetsuit! The bad news first, she isn’t seen diving in the episode, but she emerges twice from the water…showing us that wetsuit….pretty wet 😉 . What a view!


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Yeah, that’s a real wetsuit! She looks great in it…

Well, I’m pretty sure actor Patrick Duffy isn’t attracted to rubber wetsuits. Otherwise that filming -only running around in shorts- could have been a little….embarrassing for him 😉

Here is the title of the episode:


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7 thoughts on “The Frogwoman, her stunning rubber wetsuit and the Man from Atlantis”

  1. Yeah! You’re wellcome. I am happy to be able to contribute by pointing out scenes like this one.

    I love this scene from The man from atlantis from the year 1978. Actress Belinda Montgomery looks really good in that black wetsuit. Screenwriters and directors should learn from this scene, since many times we are deprived of beautiful visions by bad camera angles 🙂

    For me, this is the definitive scene of a woman in wetsuit. I love her. I bought the tv series on DVD for the few scenes of women in wetsuit that it contains. And they look really good! The DVD has very good quality.

    You have done a very good editing and you have got the video with good image quality. Congratulations!

  2. Oh, and really: actor Patrick Duffy obviously he is not interested in her in wetsuit. It would be obvious if that were the case, ha ha.


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