The frogwoman, her sexy legs and the shark!

Well, I guess I used “the frogwoman and the shark” title already 😆

So, in this one, we have a real beauty taking a dive in a great, sexy scuba outfit!


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

A great scene! Pretty weird action, but very sexy 😉

If you wanna know which movie this is:





3 thoughts on “The frogwoman, her sexy legs and the shark!”

  1. How about posting those eye of the storm scenes instead of these re-re-re-upped dinosaurclips that we’ve all seen for the last few decades everywhere ?

  2. I agree with josef these clips are ancient and have been spinning on the internet for atleast ten years. If someone have not seen these clips before they are either newbies (like real newbies who just discovered the internet last week) or just simply dumb and blind. Just a simple “female scuba peril/drown/fight” google search brings most of these videos up and if not the has kept these safe even longer.


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