The frogwoman and the mysterious ship – Part 1

Today I edited a nice video for you folks.

This movie has a lot of scuba scenes 🙂 . In part 1 our frogwoman explores a mysterious ship that holds many secrets….


(click to enlarge)

And here is part 1:

Good scenes 🙂

More to come in the next weeks 😉

(movie title will be revealed later)


5 thoughts on “The frogwoman and the mysterious ship – Part 1”

  1. she looks great in that gear, & her wetsuit’s a perfect skin-clinging fit! shame you don’t see her walk into the water with her flippers on though, i always find that a turn-on- that & kicking their flippers in the air as they submerge.

  2. She looks so very sexy and beautiful in her scuba gear,especially I like her oval mask and I like the bubbles from her air tanks and she`s very fit,and it`s one of my favourite underwater adventure scenes,and I love her wet suit,and well filmed throughout.

  3. Gorgeously fascinating how she scuba dives to explore a ship in the water or outside the water wherever she can climb. I would t o know happen next after that last screenshot of her. Who was that man that spots her?


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