Tell me your wish!

Time to get you a little active!

Right now, I don’t have much (at least solid) material left. This blog has so many posts now and there is so little new material that comes in.

So, is there a scuba scene that you heard of and never saw until now? From a rare scuba movie?

Perhaps I can help you out! Name your wish(es) in the comments and perhaps I can get this/these scene(s)!

Of course these scenes have to contain women with scuba gear. And it has to be from movies or tv-shows.



18 thoughts on “Tell me your wish!”

  1. There is a man from Atlantis episode that has a woman walking round in a 70’s full body smooth skin wetsuit.
    Also there is an old BSAC publicity film from the 60’s called Easy when you Know How . There are a few scenes were a woman is learning to dive in full length black one price wetsuit and double hose regs . It appears and disappears drone YouTube sporadically.

  2. Oh and if you ever find it there is an amazing advert from the late 70’s on U.K. Tv for a perfume called Stowaway. The advert features a woman diver striding out the sea in a full length black wetsuit and dive gear which she then proceededes to strip of and ditch on the sand before walking of down the beach in a dress while spraying herself with the perfume.

  3. I guess there are plenty if you know how to find them. The community does seem to have dried up somewhat over the last couple of years. But there are still the clips from Barrier Reef, Assignment Underwater, Primus, Malibu Run etc etc to find, plus I’d like to see the entire SCUBA segement from Station M Hawaii (of which the bit in the sub is on Youtube). I am sure there are others, as mentioned above I’ve looked for that Danger Bay episode for a while, and I was unaware there was any women in SCUBA in Rogues Rock… But Series 1 is on Amazon so may be worth a punt at £4. If only people would contribute what they know we’d have a rather latge database!

    • Well, for a website there is way too little material. At least for women in spacecuit in peril…
      From movies or TV I only know 3 or 4 scenes that are really good. But perhaps I will post about it in “Spacesuit-specials”…

  4. Any princess fatale scenes. I remember one where a girl in a full face mask in a full length wetsuit walks out of a lake and undresses

  5. There is another advert on YouTube just look up LWT 1995 adverts I think it’s the first one on it. The advert was for Woolmark clothes and features a woman in full river dive suit mask snorkel and glove robing a necklace from a yacht before stripping the suit off and ditching it. I know there is a longer version of this advert we’re you get a lot more screen time of her in her dive gear but I cannot seem to find it

  6. There was an American series on in the U.K. In the late 70’s called Salvage One. It was about a scrap yard salvage guy who did engineering adventures( going to the moon/ shifting ice bergs) in it he had a woman engineer / scientist who often wore a smooth skin full wetsuit when trying out new ideas to use at sea.

  7. A 1985 TV series called Oceanquest (“”).

    There had been a low quality copy of it (with oversized Greek subtitles) in YT for some years but can no longer find it now.

    Some wetsuit scenes, both on boat and underwater.

    To me the attraction was the one-piece non-beavertail style wetsuits which were not very popular in those years.
    I remember there were scenes of the woman in wetsuit on the boat preparing for diving.


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