Do you know the title of this movie?

A visitor of this blog asked me if I would know the title of a movie to a link that he provided.

Well, I don’t know the title, even I do think I might have seen the clip already years ago or even other parts of the movie as the villainess looks familiar.

So, does anyone know the title of this movie?

Here is the link:

Please leave a comment if you do know the title!

A reward is reserved 😉

Does this sound familiar?

Just a quick post as someone asked me if I would knew the movie title.

The scene sounds vaguely familiar, but I can’t come up with a title.

Does anyone know the movie/TV show that fits this description?

I’m looking for a scene from a 70s or 80s movie. It’s a blond woman in a black wet suit on a small yacht looking into the water, presumably waiting for someone to return. But she gets strangled from behind and falls on the deck. This all happens in a few seconds. The killer then rolls her body into the ocean and we see her floating with her eyes open.

If you can help with this….feel welcome to leave a comment!



Well, this mystery was solved quickly….check the comments 😉