A woman in a stunning vintage wetsuit… and a sinking boat

A day late, but here is a new post!

This classic scene is rather short, and has no underwater scenes… but I think that it really should be on the blog!

Why? Because we have a frogwoman in a great 60s smooth-skin wetsuit 🙂

Plus… the scene is quite bizarre/funny! Also, I finished the Diana Rigg episodes last week. So, I’m in a Avengers mood!


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Here is the video:

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I used all the footage with her in the wetsuit for the video. Sadly she isn’t appearing again in that outfit.

I thought about cutting out the scene with “Mother” on the phone, but I decided to keep them in the video as I think the whole situation is very funny.

It’s always great when people act completely normal in a bizarre situation.

As it looks the scuba mask will be not much use to Mother as it doesn’t fit 😆 #huge gap

Of course, it would have been even better if the frogwoman would have used a scuba tank and would have been showing diving underwater… but no luck here.

Would have been nice if Tara would have dressed accordingly as she dove down to the underwater base.

Wanna know from which episode this scene is?


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As you might have seen already I posted my first “Youtube Shorts” video from “Project F” on the Youtube channel:


More to follow!