Evil space woman VS male scuba diver! [Updated video and text]

This scene was recommended to me by a nice user of this site. Thanks for that!

In this scene, we have a female freediver who fights a male scuba diver.

*EDIT* December 12: The women are some evil space invaders and he is the hero who wanna sabotage their evil plans… whatever they are.


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Here is the video:

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I would say the scene was filmed in the ’60s or ’70s, and it looks like it was filmed from outside a water tank (uncool)… which may point to a very limited budget?!?

It is quite odd that he is lurking around… seemingly trying to ambush her.

But then they swim straight into each other immediately starting to fight. #ambushfail

*EDIT* December 12:

The movie is only available in the original Spanish language, so I don’t fully know what is going on.

Besides the fact that these women are evil and from outer space and kidnapping men from earth for …some reason 😉

But besides that I still have a ton of questions:

What exactly is he doing there?

Why is he ditching his perfectly fine scuba gear and swimming to the surface? And not even straight up?

Guess he has very little to no scuba experience.

I mean he nearly drowns…

Why does she let him go? Was she just supposed to scare him away?

Do these space women have special powers? Maybe she can even breathe underwater?

Maybe someone who can speak Spanish and knows the movie can answer some…

Wanna know the title of the movie?