The sunken plane, the bomb and the evil FROGWOMAN!

Time for a nice scuba fight!

In this one, an evil couple wants to destroy a sunken plane with a bomb! But two heroic detectives want to stop that plan, so a scuba fight begins!


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:


Well, what a great wetsuit she wears. A shame that it was shot in black and white. But very rare to see a frogwoman under attack in such an old scene.

Let’s see if I can get you to become a little active? It was too quiet here.

I will reveal the title of the movie/tv-series if 10 (different) people ask for it…


*EDIT* February 2022:

And now just over 4 years, I will reveal the title 😉



5 thoughts on “The sunken plane, the bomb and the evil FROGWOMAN!”

  1. I would ask what it was if I didn’t know, which I do… But you can count me as another reveal request (love the site by the way)


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