Some great wetsuit scenes from an insane movie

This movie was recommended to me ages ago and I always refused to post about it.

Then it was recommended to me again just a week ago and I changed my mind.

Thanks again for the reco./reminder!

Still, this is a totally insane movie where the producers must have been on drugs all the time…. BUT… here and there it has some interesting snippets 🙂

So, you don’t have to skip through the craziness and can enjoy the good parts….


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

Watch the video before you continue!

Ok, I don’t know what is really happening in this movie and I don’t care, it’s just an insane “comedy” written by someone in an asylum (my guess).

For most of the movie a guy is flying around …without any flying gear… so…. I don’t care about the “story”.

I don’t know how she is suddenly in the net as she was next to that canoe some seconds ago!?!

I don’t even know why she even is in the water…. and I don’t wanna know 😆

For a second I hoped she was there to drown him… but well, it’s a “comedy”, so that won’t happen.

Also interesting how his shirt changes from red to blue stripes 😆

But, I really love her sexy vintage rubber wetsuit! And that makes it worth making a video out of these scenes 😉

Yeah, I would prefer it in black, but it looks great in blue as well. Not often you do see such wetsuits in color in a movie… so, I am thankful for those short snippets.

These soft helmets the parachuters are wearing remind me of good old Angelo 😉

If you wanna know the title of the movie (for whatever reason):


I wonder how this movie got a rating of 4,7 on IMDB… guess the better half of the 130 votes came from the crew 😆

The full movie is currently available on Youtube…. but PLEASE don’t watch it! 😆

7 thoughts on “Some great wetsuit scenes from an insane movie”

  1. That’s an awesome clip! I love that some were in these crappy old movies, a director or producer decides “ you know what this film needs ? A woman in scuba gear and full wetsuit, that’s what” I would love to see the look on the actresses face when wardrobe come to her with her outfit for that scene.
    I thoroughly enjoyed this clip ,thanks for posting , I was already planning to do a sketch of a woman in full vintage gear on a motorcycle but you have beaten me to it 😁

    • Damn, slowly but surely I get curious enough to find out why she is there in scuba gear in the first place…. but then I have to check out the movie more thoroughly… #thehorror
      Glad that you like it!

  2. Well, against your advice I decided to watch the movie ( it’s a fairly empty Sunday) while I skipped a lot of it due to the drawn out jokes I have to say one thing.
    HOLY MOTHER OF #%#*## The Congress woman ( lady in the wetsuit) played by Doris Downing, is sexy as hell !!! She is everything you could want in a woman, she’s wearing the wetsuit to track down the guy coz she wants to have her way with him??!!! Prior to that she changed out of her dowdy glasses / hat and frumpy skirt suit and into a catsuit to seduce him. This lady knew what she wanted and she was decisive about it!
    I looked her up, she was 43 in the movie so she was by far the oldest and easily the sexiest woman in the movie. The films fairly crap but damn ! She deserved some recognition for her role in it. Hell she should have got her own movie ! Congresswoman in a wetsuit seduces men! I’d watch it !! A lot.
    Thanks for the recommendation, it’s made my day.


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