Sexy vintage wetsuits ….and odd underwater scenes

I am very much divided about this one, but it clearly has some interesting aspects in it!

Thanks to the friendly guy who recommended me this one!

It’s a fine example of how one video can be really good and really bad at the same time 😉


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And here is the video:

Quite a rollercoaster ride! You have two frogwomen in great vintage wetsuits, really great!

On the other hand, you have completely murky underwater shots where you can see not much or even nothing.

Oddly enough, their scuba gear changes as they are underwater. No one is ever seen with a double hose regulator above the surface….but as soon they are underwater they mostly use double hose regulators….WTF?! Also, the wetsuits tend to change and have stripes they don’t have had on the surface.

It seems like they made all underwater scenes with stunt divers and not with the actors. But why does no one notice the different types of gear? And why do they film in such murky waters where you have to guess what is going on? If they would have filmed that in some tank or pool it might have looked weird (like many underwater shots in Baywatch) but at least you would see what is going on. So, the underwater parts are totally uninteresting for me, and I think many see it like that.

But back to the good aspects. The black wetsuits look really great on the 2 women and it would have been great to actually “see” these women underwater. Especially as one of them gets into trouble as she is stuck on something for a while.

Wanna know the title of the show?


What do you think of these scenes and the wetsuits?

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4 thoughts on “Sexy vintage wetsuits ….and odd underwater scenes”

  1. While I agree that the underwater scenes were a bit murky, at least it looked realistic, that said I loved this post , you get to see two ladies in very sexy vintage wetsuits, you even get to see one in a dress first, so a nice bit of transformation, the Reg and suit changes underwater were a hoot, it would have been great to see the ladies on the boat with double hose regs.
    I have to say I really liked this post. The ladies dressed in their wetsuits and gear were epic!

    • A BIT murky? That is one hell of an understatement! 😉 You can only guess who is who and what is actually happening down there…. as I said, I would have them rather took these shots in a film tank where you can at least see something.
      For me it’s “seeing something over realism” in this department.
      I agree on the wetsuits, they are really awesome!

  2. The black wetsuit on the two women is look really good to them, I notice the underwater scene that they were done by stunt double, really sure they are womens. Anyway it’s really weird scenario.

  3. You can tell Jane by the white tanks. Katie and the guy have yellow ones. But all the tanks they wear topside are in pristine condition. Underwater the tanks are scratched. But I suppose using stunt doubles is cheaper than teaching the actors to dive. Would love to see the whole series. Katie was stunning, can’t believe that shes now in her sixties.


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