A sexy frogwoman above the water…. [UPGRADE – longer cut – better picture quality]

Remember this one? Sexy Frogwoman above the surface?

Well, again I bought the DVD to make a fine upgrade to this scene! Now the video is longer with every second that she is on-screen in that…amazing rubber wetsuit!

And the picture quality is far better than the old one! Enjoy!


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Well, the bad thing is:

We don’t get to see her underwater, that would have been so GREAT since colored material of such scuba suits on women underwater is…pretty rare!

But, on the good side: That outfit is just amazing! Even on dry land, it looks very sexy 🙂

And did you recognize that guy with the eye patch? Yes, that’s “Angelo” (Paul Stassino)…the imposter co-pilot from Thunderball!

In case you wanna know the title of this movie:


4 thoughts on “A sexy frogwoman above the water…. [UPGRADE – longer cut – better picture quality]”

  1. A great look for her but sadly did not seem to enjoy the diving or the sexy rubber scuba gear . For here it seemed to be a reluctant means to an end. And she would ditch the suit in favour of a dress ASAP!
    Shame I feel the fun would have been greatly improved had she worn it for at least half the film.

    • ?
      Good question! I would say a lot of people don’t “discover” that fetish because there are nearly no rubber suits in diving any more and other suits out of rubber are only sold in “special” stores 😉

  2. “………a lot of people don’t “discover” that fetish because there are nearly no rubber suits in diving any more……..” So you don’t consider neoprene rubber wetsuits like hers to be sexy, erotic or even fetishistic? There’s a huge amount of neoprene rubber wetsuits and dry suits and also thinner butyl rubber “shell” dry suits used for diving and other sports and professions, no? To me, they’re all stylishly beautiful and erotic and fit right into a rubber fetish. I’ve been admiring them and/or diving or teaching SCUBA in them for 60 of my 70 years.

    • Yes, I know that neoprene suits are technically rubber suits since neoprene is a form of rubber. But I differentiate between “modern” neoprene wetsuits and vintage rubber suits (with smooth skin like in Thunderball).
      I know that isn’t 100% correct. For me, the “normal” neoprene suits are normally rather boring… from the look of it. Suits with a smooth skin surface… especially black ones… are looking a lot sexier in my opinion. And of course, even the “normal” neoprene wetsuits have a certain fetish appeal to them and I do think that many divers are really enjoying wearing them, as they like the feeling on their skin etc..
      But when I watch a video, I care most for the look of the suit… and in that department, smooth skin wetsuits are far more interesting for me.


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