A sexy frogwoman above the water…. [UPGRADE – longer cut – better picture quality]

Remember this one? Sexy Frogwoman above the surface?

Well, again I bought the DVD to make a fine upgrade to this scene! Now the video is longer with every second that she is on-screen in that…amazing rubber wetsuit!

And the picture quality is far better than the old one! Enjoy!


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Well, the bad thing is:

We don’t get to see her underwater, that would have been so GREAT since colored material of such scuba suits on women underwater is…pretty rare!

But, on the good side: That outfit is just amazing! Even on dry land, it looks very sexy 🙂

And did you recognize that guy with the eye patch? Yes, that’s “Angelo” (Paul Stassino)…the imposter co-pilot from Thunderball!

In case you wanna know the title of this movie:


2 thoughts on “A sexy frogwoman above the water…. [UPGRADE – longer cut – better picture quality]”

  1. A great look for her but sadly did not seem to enjoy the diving or the sexy rubber scuba gear . For here it seemed to be a reluctant means to an end. And she would ditch the suit in favour of a dress ASAP!
    Shame I feel the fun would have been greatly improved had she worn it for at least half the film.

    • ?
      Good question! I would say a lot of people don’t “discover” that fetish because there are nearly no rubber suits in diving any more and other suits out of rubber are only sold in “special” stores 😉


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