River Scuba Battle! (Incl. 2 Frogwomen) – Extended Cut

So, today I edited a really long video for you folks. It’s a little over 10 minutes and incl. a nice scuba battle. Not as big as in “thunderball” but with 2 frogwomen included 😉

A helpful user of this blog pointed me to the fact that this one was missing here on the blog. Already knew the movie, but he’s right! Thanks for the help, much appreciated!

Some pictures:

And here is the complete scene, the whole action:

Good scene from an insane action flick…

If you wanna know the title of the movie:

LINK: Title


3 thoughts on “River Scuba Battle! (Incl. 2 Frogwomen) – Extended Cut”

  1. Highly arousing when the bikini frogwoman is having a thrash with the enemy diver ! She spits out her mouthpiece and bites him on the arm,then the sound of her knife as she stabs him in the guts !! So erotic !!!


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