Request: Eye of the storm (1993)

Hey folks, if anyone knows where I could find the whole TV-series Eye of the storm from 1993…. this guy/girl would get 3 months of free membership on the Frogwoman VIP-Club.

The (picture-) quality must be at least somewhere near ok. (I know there won’t be anything like DVD quality).

That TV-show seems to be very rare and has 2 great scuba scenes in it.

Use the comment function below if you can help with the request. Thanks in advance!



16 thoughts on “Request: Eye of the storm (1993)”

    • Thanks, that is the (very) short version. I do have a longer, better cut and a 2nd scene.
      But I want the whole series, all 6 parts with each 30 minutes.

  1. Exellent. I have a vague recollection of this series being on when I was a child and already getting interested in scuba girls… why didn’t I tape it!

    • Don’t know yet. First I would love to watch the whole series.
      In one of the two scenes is a strange cut, it seems imcomplete. I hope to see the whole thing.

    • Does that mean there is/are full episodes of this show available somewhere?????
      I/we would be HIGHLY interested to know!
      Feel welcome to answer with a comment or use the “contact” site 🙂

      • Actually, I believe you are present on the website where it can now be found. 🙂 (At least, unless you have an evil twin, there’s someone registered there who shares all of your interests… Can’t be coincidence!)

        • Ah ok…hoped for a second that someone would know where to find an entire episode or the whole series.
          BUt yeah, I guess I have uploaded the best parts of it, since it seems, that these would be all the scuba scenes there are in that series.


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