Request: Eye of the storm (1993)

Hey folks, if anyone knows where I could find the whole TV series Eye of the storm from 1993…. this guy/girl would get 3 months of free membership on the Frogwoman VIP-Club.

The (picture-) quality must be at least somewhere near ok. (I know there won’t be anything like DVD quality).

That TV-show seems to be very rare and has (at least) 2 great scuba scenes in it.

Use the comment function below if you can help with the request. Thanks in advance!



18 thoughts on “Request: Eye of the storm (1993)”

    • Thanks, that is the (very) short version. I do have a longer, better cut and a 2nd scene.
      But I want the whole series, all 6 parts with each 30 minutes.

  1. Exellent. I have a vague recollection of this series being on when I was a child and already getting interested in scuba girls… why didn’t I tape it!

    • Don’t know yet. First I would love to watch the whole series.
      In one of the two scenes is a strange cut, it seems imcomplete. I hope to see the whole thing.

    • Does that mean there is/are full episodes of this show available somewhere?????
      I/we would be HIGHLY interested to know!
      Feel welcome to answer with a comment or use the “contact” site πŸ™‚

      • Actually, I believe you are present on the website where it can now be found. πŸ™‚ (At least, unless you have an evil twin, there’s someone registered there who shares all of your interests… Can’t be coincidence!)

        • Ah ok…hoped for a second that someone would know where to find an entire episode or the whole series.
          BUt yeah, I guess I have uploaded the best parts of it, since it seems, that these would be all the scuba scenes there are in that series.

    • Yeah, the quest to get the whole series seems very hard to master….or maybe impossible.
      Some years ago I managed to get only the first episode of the show with hardcoded dutch subtitles.
      Quality is not great but watchable.
      But in terms of scuba, there is basically nothing in that episode.
      She swims around in her wetsuit after a dive in the first minute or two.
      Hopefully, the other episode will turn up one day as well….


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