19 thoughts on “Recommendations?”

  1. how about:
    get smart episode ‘dr yes’. smart & 99 change into black beavertail wetsuits, flippers & scuba gear, wade into a lake & then dive underwater to reach dr yes’s hideout, the entrance to which is under the lake.
    rana: the secret of shadow lake (AKA croaked- frog monster from hell). crap 70s horror film not released until 1982- at the end, the 2 main characters including a sexy brunette, dive into the lake from a boat in beavertail wetsuits (hers is black & purple), flippers & scuba gear to reach the monster’s cave under the lake. on entering the cave they ditch their gear & unzip their wetsuits- she’s naked under hers.

    • Hey, thanks for the suggestion! Know about the first one, could post it here. Don’t know the 2nd! Will investigate 😉
      Thanks a lot! Good start 🙂

    • Ah, thanks a lot for the trouble, but already saw that scene just minutes ago. Checked the whole movie.
      Right now I can’t acess aquafans, lost my password, requested a new one several times….but nothing. Weird.

    • Hey, thanks for the suggestion! Interesting scene, even if it could have been better…. her mask is off in under one second… 😆 magic…. Yeah, perhaps we can find out the title of the movie.

  2. oh sorry they are dont delete i put up wrong link a soon i but it new here with other links to great viedios i am happy that you like it guys


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