Project F: Do’s and Dont’s

“Banner 1” made for Project F by “sky50783” – (close up, cropped version)

Updated: October 6

On this page, I wanna present what I do wanna see in the videos of Project F…..and what I don’t wanna see in them!

I DON’T wanna see in these videos:

  • Scuba fights are too predictable in most videos! In 99% of the videos that I have seen it is easy to see who will win a scuba fight. There is an attacker and a victim. The victim gets drowned and often doesn’t really fight back and just tries to escape. I think that is rather boring and I do wanna have surprises, twists, and that the upper hand changes in a scuba fight, so it gets more exciting…including surprising outcomes.
  • Badly cut scenes, where important parts are missing (weird skips) or you see scenes that you shouldn’t see in them… like …for example…. a frogwoman signaling an OK to another one so that this enemy diver can rip her scuba mask off…. 😆
  • Completely unrealistic drowning scenes where it takes several minutes for someone to drown…..often with overacting
  • Odd scuba fights where ….for example…. frogwomen are just holding onto each other instead of attacking the other one (as their hands are free)


I DO wanna see in these videos:

  • sexy wetsuits like smooth skin wetsuits
  • unusual scuba gear like gas masks and oxygen masks….in some of the videos
  • air hose cuts! In movies and TV shows, they are already very rare….but so far I have seen only 1 in a scuba fetish video.
  • Enough visibility! Scuba fights in murky waters or at night….aren’t as interesting for me, as you don’t see that much
  • Who is who? I do wanna see at first sight who is who and that the different divers have different scuba gear. If there are teams… they should wear similar colors/scuba gear and so on (like SPECTRE and the Navy divers in Thunderball)
  • Videos that ….aren’t… cut too fast! I would rather see what is actually going on 😉
  • breathing and peril sounds should be audible rather well (if possible)



*EDIT* October 6:

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