Participation week!

Well, time that YOU get a little active! 😉

I would like to know:

What is your favorite scuba (video-)scene?

It can be in a feature film or in a TV-series. Just comment by clicking on the little “bubble” on the upper right corner of this post. (You don’t need your real name or mailadress).

Let’s see how many of you guys will participate… 🙂

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  1. Hi! My favorite scuba scene of all times it’s also a sad scene. I explain it:
    Scene: From The Man of Atlantis. 70’s tv series. Episode “Deadly carnival”. In this episode a beautiful woman emerges from the water (near a shore) with an amazing black, front zipped beavertail wetsuit. It is shinning by the Sun and is really wet.
    What’s the sad and problem? She never leaves the water and we only can see her chest…
    When finally she´s emerged, we see it to far… Amazing scene, but sad anyway.

  2. I can’t really list one yet as I am still searching for the ideal version of this type of scene. Basically any well choreographed F/F fight underwater that is not one-sided. I can’t list a specific scene as I have yet to find a F/F scuba fight scene done that well I just wanted to give my opinion.

  3. My favorite Scene was from an I.T.V advert back in the late 70’s for a perfume called Stowaway. In the 30 sec commercial I was treated to the silhouette of a very shapely woman striding out of the sea at sunset while game fishermen in the surf look on
    . As she approaches the camera you see that she is completely covered in shiny black hood mask and full length front zipped wet-suit dripping with moisture as it clings to her figure. regulator firmly in her mouth, The long silver zipper pulled right up holing in her swollen chest, mmmmmm,
    You then get a shot of her seductive smokey eyes through a close up of her dive mask accompanied by the rhythmic hiss of her regulator.
    Sadly the next shot is her dive mask dumped on the sand accompanied by the tragic sound of her rubber suit being unzipped before the shot cuts to her long straight black hair framing her beautiful face, smiling almost apologetically at the camera. as it pulles back to a full length shot of her in a white cotton dress, she then reaches into the zip pocket of her rubber suit and takes out a small perfume bottle “Stowaway” and begins liberally spraying herself (no doubt to mask her salty rubber smell) in the final shot we see her walking across the beach (an ordinary woman in her cotton dress) having discarded her adventures dive gear and ditched her sexy rubber suit,

  4. My favorite scene features Carole Bouquet in “For Your Eyes Only” from 1981. It always turned me on to see that tiny beautiful person wearing that huge diving helmet. I think it’s the only movie I watched three times in cinema – guess why!

  5. 1: The New Avengers, episode ‘Eagle’s Nest’- Purdey (Joanna Lumley) emerges from the sea in a purple-seamed black beavertail wetsuit & mask, carrying her pair of flippers by the heels, & unzips her wetsuit, then disappears behind the rocks, to emerge wearing a trouser suit & scarf. Sadly, she’s clearly not nude or bikini clad under her wetsuit, but fully clothed, as you can see her scarf as she unzips. Still sexy watching her wade ashore in her wetsuit & mask, carrying her flippers, though
    2: Get Smart, episode ‘Doctor Yes: Smart & agent 99 change into scuba gear to reach Dr Yes’s lair under a lake- 99 looked great in nothing but a rubber skintight shiny black beavertail wetsuit, scuba gear & barefoot in a pair of blue flippers- especially when wading into the lake in her flippers!
    3: Morecombe & Wise film, ‘That Riviera Touch’: many scenes featuring Suzanne Lloyd in a black rubber, particularly skin-clinging shiny beavertail wetsuit, full scuba gear & black flippers, in particular the final scene in her wetsuit & scuba gear, carrying her flippers by the heels & showing off her figure in her skintight wetsuit as she runs to the shore, then jumps in in her full gear & flippers.

  6. Why not add all 3 to the site? All of the scenes with Suzanne Lloyd in her wetsuit & scuba gear from ‘That Riviera Touch, the scuba scene from ‘Dr Yes’, & Joanna Lumley in her wetsuit from ‘Eagle’s Nest’?

    • Well, aren’t the scenes from “That Riviera Touch”, and ‘Dr Yes’ already on the site. I will check that!
      And the third one, eagle’s nest…hmh, not good enough. Too short and not sexy. (in my opinion)

  7. Also, how about the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ movie, with Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz & Lucy Liu, all in rubber skintight wetsuits & full scuba gear, & all 3 stripping naked as they run up the beach after wading ashore?


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