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[2nd post for today!]

Time for more female scuba scenes from Baywatch in HD!

And this episode has a lot of material, actually around 15 minutes! I made 3 videos out of it, but even these were too long for the right holder, they got blocked.

So, instead of making even more and even shorter videos…these 3 will be just on the Blog this time.

We have up to 3 frogwomen in modern scuba gear incl. full-face masks! And we have a pilot whose plane crashed into the ocean.

He is rescued and has some plans for our scuba ladies…

Preview (for all parts):

(click to enlarge)

And here are the videos:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

(all on google drive)

Well, 3 beautiful frogwomen underwater and above the surface for a total of 15 minutes?

That was a great episode for scuba fans!

And it is a nice change to see them with these full-face scuba masks. 🙂

The scuba peril elements in the first part were nice, but in my version, the bad guy would have dove with 2 of them.

And then he would have started a sneak attack on them. The 3rd one would have joined the fight and they would have finally overpowered him.

If you wanna know the episode number…here you go:


What do you think of these scenes?

Let us know and leave a comment below!


4 thoughts on “Pamela Anderson, a guy and a mermaid [female Baywatch Scuba scenes in HD #12] — Blog exlusive”

  1. Wow! How amazing would it be to be rescued by 3 very sexy ladies all dressed in wetsuits! They would be constantly checking my pulse and wondering why my heart rate and blood pressure was still so high even after I had regained consciousness?
    Some great scenes here. I like how they even got the science mostly right, around deep diving and Trymix . The full face masks were great, I loved the transformation of the blond girl once she had her gear /hood and FFM on ( very sexy). But I don’t think it was a dry suit she had on, to be fair there is probably a clause in her contact that says she cannot wear any clothing that covers mor than 50% of her body unless it is skin tight ? Though it would have been great to see her in a Viking dry suit Lol!
    Great scene thanks for posting.

  2. Great quality video! I like how tension is built through real diving complications like decompression and not, say, killer sharks. Of course the wetsuits were very attractive as well (I mostly prefer modern ones). Thank you!


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