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17.05.2014: NEW A little update on the Support Frogwomen campaign:

Until now, one guy (lady) used the links to buy something. That’s a start but could get much better…

I don’t say that you should use the link to buy some random stuff. But feel free to use it, IF you wanna buy something on Amazon. That hurts nobody and would reduce or even kill the AD-links on this site! And you would  help to keep this blog running!

11.05.2014: Added the Support Frogwomen page! Check it out to get more infos…

05.01.2014: I edited the Kirby Morgan post! Feel free to check it out again, Two more pics are included.

03.11.2013: I finished the trailer for this site! Here it is:

26.10.2013: If you have any problems with the AD site that pops up if you click on certain links:

You should see a “Skip the AD”-Button after around 5 seconds on the upper right side of your screen.

If not you should check the AD-blocker settings in your browser.

And don’t think I get rich on your patience by these ADs, it’s just to make a few bucks every month. How few? Well see for yourself, this is my stat-page right now:


(click to enlarge)

And that is for Maskripper AND Frogwomen in total….

19.10.2013Links -section updated

29.09.2013: My new Blog is online! Hope you enjoy it!

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