Never try to Rob from a Mistress… [Fetish Story]

 – written by Shane R. –

Thanks to Shane for writting this sexy story!


Vicky was a stunning woman just under six feet tall, blond hair and adventurous as all get out. She was as athletic as any woman would be trying to take care of oneself. In her mid 20’s and just gorgeous, but of all things she was one of the kinkiest women you would ever meet.

It seems she was into wearing all kinds of rubber and latex, she had grown up watching all kinds of scuba related movies and TV shows from the move The Deep with its opening part of Jacqueline Bisset swimming for the surface while out of air and the movie Black Widow with Debra Winger, especially the scuba scene where Theresa Russell’s character sabotages her scuba gear so she runs out of air. Vicky could not help it but imagine herself in those situations and found them quite alluring and fascinating while watching them, there’s no telling how many times she had watched the scenes on cable or her copies of the movies. She was addicted to her fetish gear which had grown over the years from not only scuba gear but to latex and rubber, it seemed almost any type of breathing apparatus from a gasmask to a self contained breathing system was a turn on.

When Vicky was 17 she had sex for her first time with a boy down the street that she was interested in and even though it was vanilla sex it turned her on to a whole new world. Since having her kinks for scuba and breathing gear and latex and rubber only expanded her already kinky mind to all kinds of thoughts. She even imagined a scenario of being taken by a man or even a woman in scuba gear.

Vicky had met all kinds of interesting people with all kinds of fetishes since joining the fetish clubs. Some were not her cup of tea but it most certainly expanded her kinky thoughts.

One night at a club she had seen a woman who was in her early 40’s all dressed in latex. Vicky became fascinated by her as she moved about the club, she simply could not take her eyes off of her. She had asked a few members that she knew about her and they told her she was a mistress that traveled around the world on her private yacht simply wherever it would take her. One of her friends explained that she was always booked with clients so her time was always busy. This must have been one of the few times that she had to herself. For some reason Vicky was reserved for once and her friend told her where the mistress’s private yacht was located.

Vicky could not help but wonder of all the kinky things that may be on the yacht. For some reason Vicky had to know, she had found out the yacht would be their for the week and gone to the marina to kind of case it out. After two days of snooping around she had decided that tonight was the night. Maybe she could take something to remember the moment. Vicky could not believe even herself, that she was planning on doing what she had planned, but it seems when Vicky makes up her mind there’s no turning back.

Vicky had collected the gear she was planning on using. The channel was not to deep where the yacht was located so Vicky decided to use a non traditional scuba mask, it was more a respirator of gasmask that her double hose regulator that fasten to the sides of the mask. She had used it in her pool and found it quite comfortable and was quite erotic to wear. She loved the look of it on her and with the channel not being to deep the pressure on the mask should not be a problem.

Vicky had waited till midnight to get on the yacht, she had found out the woman would be off the yacht for a few hours and decide the time was right. She had rented a small boat in the day and rented a section at the marina, it would be about a hundred yard swim to the yacht. She placed her flippers on her booted feet as She moved on the backside of the rented boat making sure she was out of sight, Vicky had made sure all her gear was black and that there was no silver showing so that she might not be seen. She moved quickly and pulled the mask over her hooded head over her face, she was completely covered in scuba gear and not an inch of skin to be showing. She quickly disappeared under the water not jumping but trying to be as cat like, so to make almost no noise at all as if she were some professional thief.

She waited under the water as she made sure she had her compass bearing so not to get lost under the waves and began swimming toward the yacht. Vicky could not have only been but maybe 15 feet under the water. She had a light but dare not use it to give away her position and slowly and methodically worked her way to the yacht. Her breathing echoed in her ears under the hood as the hoses coming from her tank to the mask rose and swayed beside her head. The hiss from every exhalation turned Vicky on, she simply could not help it.

Vicky checked her compass, the yacht should be right above her. she swam to the backside of the yacht making sure she was at her destination. Her head emerged from the water as she looked out very carefully for anyone, no one was there. She removed her mask and ditched her tank and flippers as quickly as she could making sure to secure it to the rail so not to sink to the bottom.

She quickly moved to a door to check to see if it was locked, to her surprise it was not. She moved in the cabin and began looking around, it seemed like a normal everyday yacht, well kept with nice aquatic furnishings. She moved to another room and worked her way deeper into the ship, she came to a door and carefully opened it. On the other side her wildest imaginations came true. For inside was a dungeon on water. There was a metal chair that was secured to the floor and all kinds of fetish related gear which was placed all around the room from chains that hung from the deck and ceiling with cuffs located at the end. Rubber and latex outfits hung from rods, gasmasks and scuba gear, there was even a Kirby Morgan helmet that was laying on a bed. Hoods, heavy neck collars, corsets, ropes were littered about, even more chains and belts. Plastic bags of all sizes, to say Vicky was just a bit turned on was an understatement. She looked around the room just taking in everything. She was thinking to herself of something simple to take to remember her adventure. Vicky stepped to the bed and ran her gloved hand over the faceplate of the Kirby Morgan mask. She imagined what it would be to wear such a thing. She moved to a simple table amongst the rubber items a hood caught her eye. Perfect she thought, something so simple it shouldn’t be missed. She quickly grabbed it and tucked it into her suit. It may have only been 10 or so minutes in the yacht but it felt like a lifetime for Vicky, she kind of new she needed to go. As quickly as she could she made her way back to her gear on the backside of the ship. No bells or whistles went off so she felt comfortable that no one had seen her.

Within a minute she was back in her gear and slid back into the water. Vicky was proud of herself as she floated but maybe 10 or so feet under the yacht as if she had stolen some rare gem. She checked her bearings on her compass and kicked toward the small boat anchored where it was.

All of a sudden she felt a hand grab her right leg. Vicky spin around as quickly as she could only to be met by a male diver staring at her behind her mask. He wore nothing but black gear as well but wore traditional scuba gear. A black frame mask covered his eyes and nose and a single reg. A black wetsuit covered his frame as well a hood, she new instinctively that it were a man. Vicky tried to kick away from his hand as a second diver came up behind her. The first diver holding her ankle held tightly as the second grabbed at her tank. This gave the first diver a chance to grab for her other leg. Vicky kicked avoiding the grab, but with the second diver holding her tank it was hard to move away. The first diver again grabbed for her leg this time he was able to secure her leg. With her ankles held the second diver grabbed Vickys right arm and pulled it to her back side. A wave of bubbles and swirling water moved around Vicky and the divers as they subdued her. A rope went around her right wrist and pulled to the side of the tank, the second diver looped the rope quickly as Vicky tried to use her left hand to grab for her backside, unable to do so. Vicky tried again to kick out of the grip of the first diver unable to. Vicky flexed her right arm trying to bring her hand back to her front, for it was now secured to the backside of her and useless. The second diver got hold of her left arm and pulled it to her backside as well.

Vicky could not believe it, they must be with the mistress and knew of her presence the entire time on the yacht. Within a mere minute or two struggling with the divers she was subdued. She felt the rope secure her left wrist to the tank and knew there was no hope now. They had the upper hand on her. She instinctively tried to kick away again from the first diver. A wave of bubbles erupted from her mask as she breathed deeply from her mask. With her arms secured to her tank the second diver swam to her front side. It was a woman, she wore a Full Face Scuba Pro mask and Vicky instinctively knew who it was, the mistress.

But how she thought, she wasn’t even supposed to be on the boat, but Vicky’s eyes were so transfixed on the woman and her gear. Vicky couldn’t help it, the mistress wore such a tight fitting wetsuit and even with the limited light that came through the water and the darkness of the night she could make out her figure nicely. The first diver pulled Vicky’s legs together and from the mistress’s BCD came more rope, the woman secured Vicky’s ankles together and wound the rope around her legs almost to her hips. Vicky was now completely bound under the water at their mercy.

The mistress happy with her work swam closer to Vicky looking her over more carefully fully bound and rubbered up in her scuba gear. Vicky looking on as the first diver pulled her to the sandy bottom. The mistress ran her hands over her faceplate, along the hoses coming from the sides even watching Vicky take breath after breath from her unusual scuba equipment. She moved to her backside again studying her tank, she brought her right hand to the first stage and slowly closed off the air going to Vicky’s mask. Vicky’s air dimished very quickly as she took the last few breaths that remained in the hoses going to her mask. Vicky shook her head as bubbles burst from the sides of the mask. A sharp gurgled “NNNNNOOOOO” erupted from the mask as it grew tighter to her face. The male diver just kind of held Vicky in place watching her struggle with no air to give from her scuba equipment on her backside.

Vicky’s hands flexed on her backside against the tank unable to move them to her front or to her mask. Vicky must have struggled for at least close to a minute without air till finally the mistress turned the air back on to her tank.

By now Vicky was so incredibly turned on, she had always dreamed of such crazy kinky situations like this, thinking they would always be fantasy, but to be put through such a thing was something else. Vicky struggled to gain her composure as she would catch a hand to her right or left from the mistress moving her hands along the hoses as she breathed. All of a sudden her breathing became shallow again, her air was still on but the mistress was squeezing one of the hoses supplying her with air.

The mistress must have motioned to her male diver and Vicky could feel her body moving to the surface. She was being swam from the bottom as the mistress manipulated the hose and the air intake going to Vicky’s mask. By the time Vicky hit the surface she was in panic mode from the oxygen deprivation put upon her by the mistress. She was thrashing about so much that stars were beginning to appear before her eyes. She had used up so much of her air in the struggle and catching her breath that the tank had gone empty. Blackness enveloped Vicky as she lost consciousness.


“Wake up my dear.”

Vicky’s eyes stirred open, a haze in her eyes as she blinked several times. For now she was in the dungeon as a prisoner of the mistress. Her legs had been unbound from the rope and secured in place, each ankle in heavy cuffs secured to the floor.
Her arms no longer secured behind her back but stretched out as if going to the ceiling, a chain with heavy cuffs around each wrist and a rubber bondage mitt encapsulating each of her hands making them useless . She still wore her latex suit that she had dove in and her scuba pack was still strapped to her backside.

Before Vicky could say anything a gag was placed at her mouth and pushed in. In Vicky’s state it was quite easy, a long hose dangled from the end with a bulb. The mistress grabbed for the bulb and at each pump a protest from Vicky as her mouth was filled to capacity with the heavy rubber gag. Vicky instinctively shook her head at each pump. When the mistress was happy she removed the hose coming from the gag as very little air escaped only releasing just a bit of pressure from Vicky’s jaw. A latex strap was brought over her head down to her mouth and covered the gag so in no way would Vicky be able to push it from her mouth.

The chains that held Vicky’s wrist rattled as she tested her bonds. The mistress took a step back to admire her handy work, in doing so Vicki got a good look at her, for she was wearing a very tight fitting latex outfit with a corset over her mid drift, it had been tightened to accentuate her breasts. A rubber hood covered her hair and long boots covered her legs that went almost to her knees. The mistress spoke…

“Well hello miss Vicky, nice to make your acquaintance. Some know me as Mistress Stefanie.” Vicky’s eyes grew wide fully alert to her surroundings now, how does she no my name.

“I’m sure your wondering how I know who you are, well you see I have been around this scene quite a few years and you get to know all kinds of people. Your friend Jeffrey who told you were my yacht was I no him quite well. Kind of figured you would want to see my playroom here on my yacht. You don’t think I would just leave a door open on my yacht do you? He told me you have a very strong fetish for breathing gear, especially scuba gear. I must say your setup for your mask is quite different especially with those double hoses coming off the mask. I must say I like it a lot. Figured I would let you explore a bit here and see all my gear that I use on different clients but I made this night available all for you my darling. I enjoyed are play under the waves. I mean what fun would it be if I can’t get you off on what you desire.”

With that a mask came from over her head, the male diver from before was behind Vicky and just waiting till Mistress Stefanie was done speaking. Vicky instinctively tried to move her head the mask coming into place. Her same mask as before the respirator was lined up over her features. For with the gag in her mouth her only way of getting air was to breathe from her nose.

“Don’t worry we replaced the empty scuba tank on your backside with a fresh one Vicky, don’t want you struggling for air just quite yet.”

As the mask was tightened down, Vicky took her first breath from her nose, a nice heavy rubber smell as she just moaned behind the mask and heavy gag. The hiss from the first stage worked its way back and fourth through the thick hoses at her sides. The man made sure that each strap to the mask was nice and tight over her features.

“Let’s test the seal shall we.”

The man reached for the first stage and quickly turned off the air supply going to the mask. Vicky actually tried to turn her head to her side as if to say I don’t have a proper breath. Vicki tried to take in some air through her nose. The inner respirator collapsed to her face not even giving at least one breath.

Mistress Stefanie, took her right hand and brought it to Vicky’s crotch. And massaged her clit through the thick rubber. The touch from her was like a blot of lighting her insides wanted to explode in ecstasy even after a few seconds of play. Vicky tried again for a breath from the tank, nothing came just a strange sense of kinky allure for the young woman bound before Mistress Stefanie struggling for air and an impending orgasm. But as soon as it started the Mistress took her hand away and the air was restored. Air was forced into Vicky’s lungs but no orgasm came, less then 30 seconds of play but denied of an orgasm.

“I guess we have a good seal.” Mistress Stefanie chuckled out loud.

Vicky breathing deeply from her nose under the mask catching her breath back. Her head just kind of slumped forward as her senses came back to her. Damn Vicky thought, I was about to cum.

“I think after the underwater play and just that bit of breath play you need a good fucking. So I’m going to let my man slave fuck you as I play with your air some more. What do you think about that Vicky?”

Vicky basically nodded in agreement even behind her mask. The man that was behind her moved to her front side, he was now wearing a tight fitting latex suit and she could see his man hood was fully erect. He wore a gasmask with a hood so his features would not be known.

He unzipped his latex outfit and pulled out his member and stroked his cock looking at Vicky all the while Mistress Stefanie moved behind her. The man moved closer to Vicky and felt the latex covering her figure and worked to her crotch, and slowly unzipped her latex outfit. Such a strange outfit to go scuba diving in, it’s almost as Vicky anticipated this kind of play. With her privates open to him he took one of his fingers and slowly inserted it into her cunt. Vicky shook her head from the intrusion and moaned behind the gag and mask. Hands from the mistress came from behind exploring Vicky’s breasts beneath her latex outfit. The man removed his finger and stepped back but a few feet away stroking his cock, watching the mistress as she continued playing with Vicky’s latex covered breasts. A moan from the latex bound scuba prisoner before him.

He moved closer taking his cock and placing the head at Vicky’s folds. The touch from the mistress and his member about to be thrust into her grew to a peak, Vicky actually let a bit of her weight down accepting him into her vagina. She let out a sexual scream as his member slid into her, the man moved his hips and thrust deeper into Vicky. The mistresses hands went away from Vicky’s breasts to the first stage and slowly closed the air off going to the mask. At first the man was slow with his movements just toying with Vicky, in and out very smoothly very methodically. For Vicky the feeling was intense to feel his very large cock work her insides. Thankfully this time she was ready for the air to go off and have a good breath. But eventually one has to breathe, she took the fucking all the while her body using up her air supply. She moaned behind her airless mask. The mistress wanting to see the show, for she stepped from behind Vicky and moved to the side.

Vicky caught a glimpse of her at her side for she was closing her eyes from the fucking. Vicky had excellent stamina she had to of lasted at least 40 to 45 seconds before panic took over from having no air to breathe. Finally she shook her head wildly at him as if to say “I need air”, the mistress moved behind Vicky again. She opened the valve for a few seconds and let Vicky have a few quick breaths from the tank. Each breath she took she moaned. Closed again, no air and the mans thrusts were coming harder now. With each thrust her entire weight was lifted off the ground for a second. Just a bit deeper then before, her cunt muscles flexed around his shaft. The mask collapsed to her face, it was like a game each time that Vicky shook her head it was like a sign to give her air. And that’s exactly what the mistress did, just a few short breaths to prolong her breathplay. But each time it was a shorter time for her to shake her head, for Vicky it was coming closer to true panic and a state of sexual euphoria only few people know.

Now the mans thrust were coming harder and stronger, For they were both closer to their impending orgasms. The mistress stood behind Vicky one last time and gave her at least ten whole seconds of precious air within her lungs. She leaned into Vicky from behind and whispered into her ear…

“That’s the last air you get honey.” Time for you to cum.

Now the mans thrust were even harder pounding away at Vicki she would not last long. Even for the bit of air given to her from the mistress from the tank strapped to her backside. To know that life giving air is so close whether it be from the scuba tank or the air in the room. Vicky’s cunt tightened as she bared down on his shaft. Now he was fucking her with everything that he had moving in and out of her like a sledgehammer. With no air at all in her lungs anymore Vicky’s body went wild as a massive orgasm came over her, milking him of every drop of semen that he shot into her. The airless mask felt like a vice over her face with her lungs screaming for air and a wave of sexual energy she had never felt before in her life.

The man sexually fulfilled removed himself from Vicky and the air was restored once again from the tank. An incredibly afterglow hit Vicky causing her entire body to shudder in delight.


Oh to say that Vicky became more to Mistress Stefanie is something to say, I think she’s sees her at least twice a month or more. To say she learned her lesson not to steal anything from Mistress Stefanie. I guess she learned her lesson, or I bet just maybe it might be the best fetish moment in her life…

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