Mystery Scuba Movie – Part 4 – Bikini scuba girl VS Frogmen

So, time to continue our Mystery Scuba movie! Bikini scuba girl is back in action to hunt for a sunken treasure… of course, the evil baroness and her frogmen want it too….

(click to enlarge)

And here is the (pretty long) video:

Oh man….

The title of this insane movie with that MUCH scuba content:




3 thoughts on “Mystery Scuba Movie – Part 4 – Bikini scuba girl VS Frogmen”

  1. Lovely to watch them scuba dive and wonderful to hear them talk while scuba diving. I could tell if both females on the boat went scuba diving or not, and if one or two female scuba divers with a few males scuba diver later entered the ocean.


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