Frogwomen in Rubber by Osvaldogreco [Art]

Today I wanna present some great art by Osvaldogreco!

I follow him for a while now on Deviant Art and he made some great pictures I wanna present here:


(click on the image to enlarge it to full size)

Well, that is art I really love! 😉

And I hope that that “Science fiction bondage thriller” will get done at some point! Sounds SO promising!

From the picture above the first one is my favorite. The combination of hot women in stunning suits concealed by these masks….is near perfection!

I would pay some serious money to see a good video adaption of that. Especially if they would be underwater with some nice added peril touches 😉

Check out the art of Osvaldogreco on DA with more fine art from him:

Osvaldogrecon on Deviant Art

What do you think of these pictures above?

Which one is your favorite?

Feel welcome to leave a comment!


6 thoughts on “Frogwomen in Rubber by Osvaldogreco [Art]”

  1. The pictures are all stunning! The women’s bodies are so hot looking in those shiney suits! My favorite one is the last one with the two women, with the one behind the other clutching the others breasts from behind! The look in the front women’s eyes is revealing her pleasure of being encased in her tight wetsuit, with her equipment tightly strapped to her body and experiencing both the exhilaration of being able to breathe underwater while her breasts are being fondled. I wonder what she is thinking as pleasure chemicals are flooding her brain? It seems she might be totally oblivious to her low air supply!?

    • Thanks, I am glad you like my humble art! And I think she’s near a scuba orgasm, combined with low air supply; an explosive combo. But rubber frogwomen can face such things easily, part of their daily life underwater!

  2. I think they look amazing, I really love the vintage style of suit and the yellow striping on the suit in the first picture. Very very nice!


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