The frogwoman, her frogman and the underwater explosion – part 3 – SCUBA BATTLE!

And now the third and final part of this little series. The hero gets to fight alongside another female diver!

Time to stop the bad guys….UNDERWATER!

I included some action scenes on the “surface” as well, as we get to see the female diver in her wetsuit…. 😉


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And here is the video:

Well….on the good side we have a scuba battle with at least 6-8 divers, that is VERY RARE stuff.

Not many movies where you can see that.

And we have a female diver that is in the fight….very rare as well!

BUT, I have three problems with that scene:

1) The visibility – is way too murky…

2) Who is who? Well, if you wanna produce a nice scuba battle…you should make sure that the audience knows which diver is on which side. Here all folks pretty much wear the same outfits and suits, even the same/similar suits! WTF!? Most of the time you have to guess who shots at who.

Take “Thunderball” as an example, the good guys wear red, the bad guys black. That’s how you should do it!

3) No air hose cuts? 🙁

Spear gunfights are nice, but some cut air hoses would have been better.

Your opinion?

Here is the movie title:


4 thoughts on “The frogwoman, her frogman and the underwater explosion – part 3 – SCUBA BATTLE!”

  1. The patriot. I saw this movie many years ago and I always remember the blonde diver woman who works on the oil rig. Her death is sad, but she offers us a few seconds of wet gear before that 🙂

  2. The frogman kills are great, six divers killed during the short battle…..most taken out with the spearguns, the last guy gets a dive knife rammed into his chest…..the noises the dying frogmen make are great……hot stuff!


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