Flipper, the female diver and a great white shark

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The new(er) Flipper TV show offers a lot of scenes with female scuba divers as you may already know.

I already posted some of them and today I wanna present another one!


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

A fine peril scene, even it has some obvious flaws 😉

Ok, don’t know if any dolphin could distract/fend off a great white shark…but that’s one of the less problematic points. Still, the shark is so much faster than she is, he could easily catch up with her again, even there is Flipper around.

I don’t remember the full episode but she obviously has some trauma with sharks. Which is quite a problem if you work half the time underwater as she does in her job….

But overall the scene has its plus points as well. I always enjoy seeing women in full-face masks in action. Quite rare stuff, even today.

If I would ever make a shark movie, I guess these sharks would be trained to have a taste for air hoses instead of human meat 😆

With all the crazy shark movies out there, I wonder why no one did that so far. 😉

There is another scene with her in scuba gear as she tags a shark from a really thin shark cage. But that’s very short and without action.

Here is the link to the episode:


What do you think of that scene?

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2 thoughts on “Flipper, the female diver and a great white shark”

  1. The Flipper TV episodes are known to me only when excerpts of it are available on the web.

    The main attraction to me are pretty women, in particular Anja Coleby, wearing jumpsuit-style wetsuits above and under water.
    An overall demerit of the show was the use of full-face masks.

    One bonus point of this clip: NO appearance of male buddy !

    • Yeah, full face masks don’t seem very popular in our community…at least in comparison to the “regular” scuba setup.
      I think it’s actually a strong point of the flipper series. There isn’t much footage of these masks in movie and TV shows, so I appreciate it a lot that they make such an extensive use of them. 😉


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