Female diver with vintage wetsuit and fancy gear

In this long video (7 minutes) you will see a female scuba diver with some interesting equipment.

Including a speargun and a radio system… And her blue rubber wetsuit isn’t so bad either 😉

(click to enlarge)

And here is the full video with all the scuba action:

Some rare footage, so…enjoy!

I really like her blue wetsuit, pretty sexy 🙂


I don’t know the exact episode, but it’s from this TV show:


2 thoughts on “Female diver with vintage wetsuit and fancy gear”

  1. This is a copy of a long YouTube comment I just posted on this video’s Comments section:
    I just found this clip from the Australian 1968-70 TV program “Skippy” a few days ago, but as it happens I have a distant long-ago visual and emotional connection to this show and this episode in particular. My searches and research came up with this being an episode from 1968, Season 1, Episode 3, of “Skippy – The Bush Kangaroo” titled “The Golden Reef.”
    My connection is that I was 16 years of age when this show began and this Episode aired. I was growing up in SW Connecticut near NYC then and I saw this episode and just a couple of others. However, I’m also a longtime SCUBA Diver + Instructor as well, so this one Skippy episode his stuck in my mind all these years. Over the last 30 years or so, I did many searches to try and watch this episode again, but never could find this exact episode, though I did find the overall show Skippy from Aussie TV. I kept trying to find it because my only distinct memory of it was a scene with a woman SCUBA diver in a blue wetsuit walking dripping wet out of the ocean towards the camera. It made such an impression on me that I wanted to find it again to relive the scene but also to watch the whole episode if possible.
    When I saw this clip on YouTube, as soon as I saw the part with the blue wetsuited woman walking out of the water, I almost instantly knew I had finally, by pure accident, found the show, episode and scene that I remembered from years ago. I’ve still only seen this clip, so I’m still working on finding a way to watch the entire episode, possibly on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV or elsewhere. THANK YOU YouTube and the poster, Frogwoman.org Reloaded, for uploading this clip and setting me up to finally find it after over 50 years of searching. 🤿👍🏻😉

    • Well, glad to make you happy after your long search 🙂
      Yeah, I’m familiar with such long searches, maybe not 30 years, but it’s really annoying to wanna find a certain scene and don’t know the movie title/episode title.


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