Female diver runs out of air! (Sabotage!) – [Full HD upgrade with additional scenes!]

Remember this one?

Well, the quality is pretty bad, but the scene is really great. Now, I wanna show you the same scene (and more!) in full HD. It looks so much better!

After her boyfriend returns from a dive, our frogwoman puts on a scuba tank and goes on a scuba dive herself. But soon, there is trouble… she can’t get any oxygen!


(click to enlarge)
And here is the video:
You see that the redhead isn’t so happy that she makes it to the surface 😉
Later she realizes (after the scene with the butler who checks her gear) that it was another attempt to murder her.
Reilly weird, that the redhead gets the scuba wetsuit from the evil villain. Of course, it’s too big for her.
And we don’t see her after that in the suit again.
I had to cut a short scene, as he hands the wetsuit jacket to her. She undresses and shows her twins, so I can’t put that in a youtube video.
You see only very little of that actual wetsuit dressing, but it’s pretty sexy.  I made a very short video and uploaded that here.
About the main scene…I really love how she struggles on the reserve, how she pulls on the air hoses. It’s a really good scuba peril scene.
Weird that she can’t seem to swim anymore as she reached the surface….
Here is the IMDB-link:
Your opinion on that scene? (Her running out of air)

10 thoughts on “Female diver runs out of air! (Sabotage!) – [Full HD upgrade with additional scenes!]”

  1. Siggi, my anti virus program won’t let me use the download site to watch the titty scene where the redhead strips into her wetsuit. Any other way?

  2. Great scene I thought the redhead looked great in the villains wetsuit. Shame there aren’t any more shots of her in it.

  3. I’m impressed by the way you are finding these excellent HD copies of some old favourites! not sure how you do it!. i used to have an old NTSC VHS of a Leslie Nielson movie called “Dayton’s Devils” that had a wetsuit dressing scene with Lainie Kazan ahead of a dive. I disposed of the video years ago, but have never found the movie anywhere else! could be a challenge Siggi 😉

    • Thanks a lot for the kind words!
      Well, it’s not a big problem if the make a release on Bluray for such a movie 😉
      You only need to know that there is a bluray…and getting your hands on it.
      Dayton Devils….yeah I know that one. Hmh, I have to check it. The quality of the scene and the picture quality.
      Thanks for reminding me of that one!

        • Surely. I recorded that movie in VHS years ago in a satellite tv channel, but the reception was horrible, ha ha. Any better quality is accepted 🙂

  4. Very good quality! For me, te best part it’s near the end, when she dress the ruber jacket. Sadly, the size it’s not correct for her. I love the very tight suits 🙂


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