Diving with a rebreather

After the pictures of the last post…now some video material on a rebreather in action! Of course with some scuba girl(s)!

It’s edited footage from a clip I found. It’s the special cut without the time where she doesn’t use the equipment.


And here is the video:

This video is one part of a longer video I found on a Youtube channel, pretty easy to find with the logo 😉

Haven’t found the whole video on there now in 2022, guess they deleted it?


Oh man, looks like fun to dive with such a rebreather! I guess I should try that too one day…

And it looks pretty…sexy…on a woman!


3 thoughts on “Diving with a rebreather”

    • Indeed, but you can’t have that in every clip 😉
      On a clip like this one….with the sexy girls on their rebreathers…you have to use your imagination.

  1. I don’t so much as enjoy watching girls scuba dive with rebreathers rather than just an air tank. Their second dive was better them look not looking sexy by going in wetsuits.


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