Death is a woman! – More scuba (and bikini) scenes!

So, after some editing, I got two more scenes from “Death is a woman!”.

And of course, in color! Not the old black and white version.

So, the luscious, but deadly female scuba diver is back in action!

And Tricia Noble (aka Patsy Ann Noble) let us see her well-trained body….


 – Scene 1 –

(click to enlarge)

And here is the video of the 1st scene:



So, ready for scene 2? Here it is:

(click to enlarge)

And here is the video of the 2nd scene:


Hot stuff!

4 thoughts on “Death is a woman! – More scuba (and bikini) scenes!”

  1. Too bad she didn’t have a knife fight with that frogman spying
    on her. He’s lucky she missed him with the spear.
    Or did she miss him on purpose ?

      • You think so ? I reckon she spotted him before she went in and
        wanted to scare him off.
        If he continued to follow her , then I think she would of tried to killed him with her knife because she fired off her only spear.
        She looked to be a fairly experienced diver/frogwoman but he
        looked awkward and ill at ease underwater.
        I would of loved to have seen them have a desperate and prolonged knife fight / thrash underwater!


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