“Breathe!” – Check out the full movie (for free on Youtube)

Today I won’t present a scene or two, but an entire movie as you can watch the whole thing on Youtube for free.

I heard about this one quite a while ago, but it was recommended to me again as it surfaced on Youtube, thanks for that!

So, take the chance and grab the movie while you can… you never know how long it will be there…

If you like scuba scenes with women, then you should watch this movie 😉


(click to enlarge)

Here is the full movie (not my upload):

Watch the movie before you continue!

Yeah, not a big Hollywood production but it offers plenty of scuba scenes with different types of gear and quite a lot of peril scenes as well 🙂

Personally, I’m not a fan of cave diving as I don’t see the big attraction that it seemingly has to some.

Yeah, plenty to explore… but not much to see there (for me) and it’s (more) dangerous in comparison to “normal” diving.

Certainly, a good environment though to produce good scuba peril scenes!

In my version, these three might have turned on each other to snatch the air reserves of each other 😉

All in all some good scenes, nothing spectacular… but you get a LOT of scuba content in these 80 minutes.

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2 thoughts on ““Breathe!” – Check out the full movie (for free on Youtube)”

  1. It’s disappointing that there’s only one short FFM scene with Cindy and a huge chunk of the film turns out to be her treading water above the surface, but there’s still plenty of good scenes with her – it’s just that it’s in chunks rather than the whole film.

    • Yeah, like basically always some things could have been better… especially the aspect that she is sidelined for the last part. But well, certainly some good scenes and an interesting movie overall.


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