Two sexy Kirby Morgan DiverS…

… in some great pictures! These scuba ladies show themself in Kirby Morgan dive gear.

For fans of heavy dive gear… are the pics:

(click to enlarge)

I’m preparing 2 great videos for next week…stay tuned!



7 thoughts on “Two sexy Kirby Morgan DiverS…”

  1. the first girl (on one knee with her helmet off), is different from the one in the rest of the set. there are 2 more pics of the first girl in the heavy gear girls forum.

    • Yea, I should have named the post Kirby Morgan DiverS.
      I am suprised this post is so popular, I only posted it because I hadn’t much time and needed a quick one 😉

  2. would be nice if there were more pics of her- she’s really good looking as well as sexy in that skin-clinging wetsuit!


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