A new fetish story, VIP club news and more

Today, there won’t be a “regular” post as usual.

The shooting for Project F is only 3 days away now and I have quite a lot to do as there is a LOT to organize.

Hopefully, all the money and preparation I put into it will pay off in the end.

The VIP club won’t be updated on the first as usual (due to the shooting).

The December VIP-Club update will be made on December 3rd.

Today, you will find a new fetish story in the VIP club section as I promised for November!

There is no scuba diving at all in the story…but if you like sexy wetsuits….THEN this is a story for you! 😉

It has 9 pages in total.

I will present it more in detail in the near future.


4 thoughts on “A new fetish story, VIP club news and more”

    • Thanks!
      More like some short videos, but yeah 😉
      And don’t expect something “excellent”, that would be a little too much for a first shooting.
      A lot of things have to be learned.
      I hope for the best…


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