A vintage frogwoman from (former) Eastern Germany!

Thanks to a very friendly guy I stumbled upon this movie. I didn’t think it would be possible to get my hands on it…but to my surprise, they published a DVD of that movie here in Germany.

I ordered it right away and now I wanna present the past parts to you folks!

I included every scene where the girl wears that wetsuit above and below the waterline.


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Story (of the 2nd scene):

The frogwoman makes fun of her friend as she wants to marry him underwater.  The old guy with the scuba mask is supposed to be the reverend who witnesses the marriage.

Later she tells him it was a joke.

Well, on the backside of the DVD case they promise “…a happy story, which takes part underwater in large part” (loosely translated).

The female lead actress is seen underwater for a couple of seconds, but only in a bathing suit without scuba gear. There are some rather short underwater scenes with the men of the dive club, even a good action scene. And we have the only frogwomen, which wears her wetsuit for nearly 3 minutes (as seen above) and is shown underwater…for 15-20 seconds.


These cheating basta……

Yeah, but at least we have that frogwoman in a pretty sexy wetsuit. And what was actually pretty cool was her leaking scuba gear. She loses air! When you look at her strange air hose, you see a trail of bubbles…. 🙂

These white air hoses….never seen those. They look as if they had used a simple garden hose and connected it to a scuba tank.

I know many things were in short supply back then in former Eastern Germany…but these hoses….look strange. I guess they had to improvise.

This is the title of the movie:


What do you think of these scenes and the scuba gear?

Feel welcome to leave a comment!



7 thoughts on “A vintage frogwoman from (former) Eastern Germany!”

  1. Fascinating piece of history, I am glad to see that ladies governed by communism also dived and had access to proper wetsuits.
    The wetsuits look great and she looks seriously hot. I am glad that films made in East Germany are still around and not forgotten.
    I would love to have seen a clip of her in her normal clothes just for the comparison.
    Thanks for this rare treat.

  2. Women in black wetsuits with yellow stripes are really great. Thank you for rescuing this historic piece.

    I remember a song by a Spanish rock band in the early 80’s: “Europe is dead. There is no wall in Berlin anymore. Europe is dead.” 🙂

  3. Wow! Quite the transformation.
    She looks so much better as a diver,
    If I saw her walking down the street dressed in her normal clothes I doubt I would even have noticed her.
    Dressed as a diver
    ( even with mask hood and regs in) even amongst other divers I would have noticed her straight away and would have found it difficult not to stare.
    I guess I am just a bit messed up.
    Thanks for posting the link.
    Do you know When this film was made?
    And did this lady carry on working in films after the wall came down ?

    • Of course she looks better in that wetsuit 😉
      At least compared to most possible “land” outfits….
      The IMDB link in the article provides more info on the movie and her.

  4. Talking about walking in the streets.
    I believe there was an indie film made (german/dutch/?) Not long ago about a woman who wear wetsuit as her everyday-to-go-look. I think its even based on somewhat true story (Don’t trust my word on that one) ?


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