A frogwoman, evil divers and a sea monster [incl. a longer version]

This movie is rated REALLY bad on IMDB, but it actually has some nice scuba and wetsuit scenes!

I found it on my older lists, but have forgotten to make a post for it. A nice blog visitor recommended it to me in the last months, so now you all can enjoy it! Thanks for that!

I made a short(er) version of the video with all the scuba scenes in it. Looks like it can stay on Youtube like that.

You can find a longer cut down below that shows what happens to the girl that stays on the boat that offers some more footage of the wetsuited frogwoman on board as well.



(click to enlarge)

And here is the video (with all the underwater scenes):

And the longer cut on google drive (slightly over 7 minutes):


Well…. quite a rare combo package!

A frogwoman and her buddy, some evil frogmen, a woman onboard fighting a henchman….and a sea creature that takes care of 2 of the bad guys.

Also some really good scuba fight scenes! 🙂

A shame that the frogwoman flees, but well that fits perfectly to the way they mostly portray women back in the day:

Good looking, rather help- and useless (in the action scenes), always in need to be saved by someone.

In my version, she would have stayed and it would have been a 2 VS 2 scuba battle!

Pretty funny how the evil diver kills his comrade with the harpoon (speargun). That happens quite often!

Often only the bad guys have harpoons and they often shoot their own team members as the hero is fighting with one of them.

But well, if they would be good marksmen, the fight would be over pretty quickly…. 😉

I love how the hero cuts the air hose of the evil frogman, forcing him to the surface where the sea monster is already waiting.

The scene with the henchman on the boot is pretty intense! He grabs her, beats her up, and kills her by shooting her in the back.

You certainly won’t see that happen often to one of the “good” women.

The heroine looks really good in her scuba gear….pretty cliche that she is wearing a short wetsuit and the guy the full wetsuit. 😉

As I said, a shame that she wasn’t in the scuba fight, but she had some good scenes nonetheless.

This is the movie:


What do you think about these scenes?

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13 thoughts on “A frogwoman, evil divers and a sea monster [incl. a longer version]”

  1. She is super hot in that short-sleeved body wetsuit especially getting back in to the boat – on both occasions her wetsuited boobs are looking fine, and at 4 mins 25-28 secs her arse is fantastic. Looks like the hero takes the opportunity to grab her left boob with his right hand as he “helps” her up at 4 mins 30 secs

  2. The good frogman seem to have his hand full from installing the device to a boat, fighting a two frogman alone, saving her from a man with a gun, and lastly saving the life of his partner from a sea monster.

    Maybe she would reward him somehow, for his action ?

    PS. The woman in the boat seem to be a fighter, too bad she shot in the back, if she’s join him, she might fight the other frogman. Instead the other damsel and distess woman, she’s so useless ?

    • Yeah, she owes him a lot 😉
      As you said, the other woman might have stayed to join the scuba fight. A real shame that she was killed.
      That henchman is really evil. There is hardly something more cowardly then shooting an unarmed person in the back.
      But at least he got what he deserved later on.

    • Loved the scene, she looked amazing tied up in that front zip wetsuit, the belt looked good on her and her arse looked tight in that suit. Shame the suit wasn’t full length but it was still a very sexy scene.

  3. This scene would be wonderful if delicious Valérie Monnier would fight against the frogman. Dressed in her short handsome wetsuit while shabby frogman is cladded and hooded in black. She cuts his airhose and the octopus finishes the work, wrapping him with its sucker arms and drowning him. Anyway, this scene is a nice mix with a spicy girl and a clumsy frogman.

  4. Great scene! I’ve always loved Valentine Monnier’s underwater close-ups. The wetsuit is also excellent (although I prefer the long-sleeved versions). I also enjoy the UW fight, hose cutting, and the enemy diver who emerges to the surface and then disappears and drowns.

    • Yeah, some fine indregients in that scene for sure.
      Ok, I rather think that the diver gets killed by the sea creature (eaten or squished….or both) before he has the “chance” to drown….but well, not really important.

  5. Yes, this is likely to be the case. But I’ve always liked to imagine that the monster simply pulled him under and that he drowned (he has the air hose cut off) ….. if a movie one day let me see a similar shot with a female diver I think I will go crazy .. ..


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