A frogwoman dresses into a rubber wetsuit….dives….and gets crossed!

First, thanks to Nikk for reminding me of this one. Saw this flick before but in a really….really bad quality. This time, the quality isn’t great either, but watchable. Sadly there is no DVD or even a Blu-ray available, so it’s a VHS Rip. But one of the better ones.

In this video, you will see a gorgeous woman (Lainie Kazan) that dresses into a real perfect rubber wetsuit. We see her underwater in scuba gear…and later again above the water (but still in her wetsuit).


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And here is the video:

Wow, she really looks great in that wetsuit! And with the hood and the double hose regulator….WOW! 🙂

And I must always laugh as soon I see Leslie Nielsen (Naked gun!)….nice bonus!

Of course, there is a lot of room for improvement….would be great if a DVD would be available.

And the lighting in the end is really bad. She gets onto the boat, and you practically can’t see her. Even as the boat is on fire….

And some lambs and closeups underwater (on her) would have been cool too….but well….you can’t have everything.

She and her wetsuit still rock this video…. 🙂

In case you wanna know the title of the movie:


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2 thoughts on “A frogwoman dresses into a rubber wetsuit….dives….and gets crossed!”

  1. I love this scene. Saddly, the quality is very low, of course.

    The only time I saw this movie was on TV many years ago. I recorded it on VHS, and the quality was a bit better, but if I tried to digitize it, it would not be better than this video uploaded here.

    In any case, great sequence. I really like to see her wearing the wetsuit, although obviously because of the visual aspect of the scene, she mistakenly wears the jacket first. Then she will not be able to put on the wetsuit pants! 😀 😀 😀

    My favorite scene is in the boat, when she takes off her hood. Why? Because she is wet! Although the darkness barely let us see it. If someday this movie is remastered and edited on DVD or Blu Ray, it will look great. I know. I hope you update it: D

    • Yes, she looks great in that wetsuit! I envy the guys in that scene that wear this great vintage gear and can look at her.
      And then even go scuba diving with her… A shame we can’t see much underwater.
      Her in a scuba fight with that outfit…well, that would be some kind of holy grail.
      And yes, I will keep an eye out if that movie gets a DVD or bluray release. 🙂


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