A female spy goes scuba diving

I saw this one… years ago, but thanks to J. for reminding me of this scene!

In this one, we have a female spy/agent who needs to infiltrate a place on the coastline.

She gears up into her scuba gear!


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Yeah, the scene is pretty short and there is no real underwater action, but it is nice to see Jennifer Garner in a wetsuit.

Would have been the perfect chance for a real scuba fight!

In my version, there would have been a long scuba fight before she actually makes it through that tunnel.

A scuba diver would be patrolling around that underwater “entrance” πŸ˜‰

Wanna know from which episode of which TV show this was taken?


What do you think of that scene?

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7 thoughts on “A female spy goes scuba diving”

  1. Never seen this one before, so thank you! it doesn however remind me of a scene from a show I saw that I am now told I couldn’t have seen… Let me explain..

    Back in the early 1990’s when Sky TV was in its infancy, one of the first channels was The Paramount Channel, which soon became Paramount Comedy, then Comedy Central… However as just the Paramount channel it showed an American series called “EARTH Force”. Now, you may remember the Tiffany Lamb diving scenes from the pilot episode, which are quite easy to come by… However… There was a later episode about dodgy repair work on ships causing ecological problems… In that episode, under the cover of darkness, Tiffany and her boyfriend, (clad in full wetsuits and hoods. Tiffany’s wetsuit had pink highlights) together they go diving to check th hull of a recently repaired ship, they talk to each other underwater as they detect the dodgy work.. however, those on the surface detect them below and they start to drop depth charges to the divers… Tiffany takes off her tank and swims to safety, but her boyfriend is killed and floats to the surface…My last recollection is of Tiffanys head above the water watching them recover her boyfriends body.

    Now, the problem is, anything I can find on line about this series, says this episode was made but never aired… however, I am certain it was shown in the UK…… I used to have it on VHS… until I binned all my tapes! I’ sure I never imagined it!

    • Sounds like quite an interesting scene, thanks for posting the this desciption!
      Perhaps the scene will turn up one day, hopefully in a solid picture quality.

  2. I remember the scene in Alias where she and her partner which is a girl too in black wetsuit with front zipper on a boat fighting enemy. Sydney get strangled and choking in that suit but survived. There is also scene in Alias where Amy Acker infiltrated oil platform in a nice black rubber wetsuit and equipped with silencer gun.

    • Sounds like solid scenes! I watched the whole TV show but that was more than 10 years ago. Guess I wasn’t very impressed by these scenes.
      I only posted this one because I’m very low on materal πŸ˜‰
      But judging from the likes on youtube….many seem to like the scene for some reasons.

  3. Wow she looks seriously hot in her diving suit. I loved the zipping up shot. How could that guy be angry with her while she is dressed like that.

  4. She looks hot, but only as she’s scuba diving. Did Jennifer Garner actually scuba dive, or did she have a stunt double doing it for her?


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