A female scuba diver and her murderous husband – [based on a real event]

I have known this one for quite a while now but hadn’t made a post about it in all that time.

Time to change that!

This one is based one a true event… more on that later on.

We have a female diver and her new husband on their honeymoon vacation.

He persuaded her to go on some dives near the Great Barrier Reef.

And he has special plans for her…


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Here is the video:

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Watch the video before you continue!

As I said before… this one is based on a real event where a husband killed his wife on their honeymoon vacation.

This leaves quite a bitter taste… as it makes the movie scene a little bit too “real”.

As you might know by now… I do enjoy scuba peril scenes a lot… but only if they are not happening in “real” life.

Knowing that this actually happened to a woman makes it difficult to watch… unless you separate the movie scene from reality.

My other issue with this scene is the fact that the most dramatic part isn’t shown on screen… the part where she drowns.

Seemingly he had turned her air off and then held onto her until she drowned.

There are some short flashback scenes about the scuba murder, but I am 99% sure that wasn’t shown there either.

Will re-watch the whole movie someday.

It’s good that she fights back, even though she has so little scuba training while he has much more experience.

It’s a little odd that she did not immediately head towards the surface after she knocked his mask off… but I guess she wasn’t sure that he actually was about to murder her.

All in all, it’s quite a strong scuba peril scene which is a little hard to watch… with the background knowledge.


The husband gets convicted for her death, but gets a laughable sentence… here is the background story.

Wanna know the title of the movie?


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