A female diver with a FFM on a night dive… and a shark!

This one was on my radar for some weeks and I was happy when it was finally released!

My favorite scuba scene in this one is the focus of this post.

A woman dives into the Seine at night to find some proof… and she isn’t alone down there.




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Here is the video:


(you can watch/download it there)

Watch the video before you continue!

The video wasn’t welcome on YouTube.

Yeah, actually, there is no shark to be found here… only some traces of it.

But I like the suspense, the breathing sounds and her eyes in that mask look really sexy as well.

Glad they used a “real” FFM and not one of the newer FFMs where you can see the full face, that gets used often in movies lately.

The whole scene is pretty dark… but well, it’s night and they seemingly only use very little artificial light. #realistic

The wetsuit she is using can also be found in several of my Project F videos as I own such a wetsuit myself.

Most parts of this movie are quite ok, but after 75% the movie goes fully off the rails. The whole ending is completely insane!

I guess the scriptwriter went insane as he/she was writing it…or was on heavy drugs.

It’s actually one of the most laughable movie endings I have ever seen… no joke. #notinagoodway

The movie has some more scuba scenes, but mostly with guys and without peril … except getting eaten by that fantasy shark(s).

And it’s another movie with CGI fantasy sharks with completely crazy behavior.

Sometimes I think that there should be a message in front of such movies that this is pure fantasy and that sharks are rather harmless for humans.

Some facts would help as so many folks are so afraid of sharks.

I wonder why there isn’t a Horror-hippo movie… they are so much more dangerous to humans! But ok, these won’t show up at the beach.

I will get the Blu-ray of this movie… if there will be one… when it’s really cheap.

Wanna know the title of the movie?

IMDB link

What do you think about this scene?

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10 thoughts on “A female diver with a FFM on a night dive… and a shark!”

  1. Another great scene in a film that started well then went more and more stupid. She looked great in her diving suit in that creepy river water ( I think this is a thing for me now) loved the early scene in this film where she dives in with a mask to find her buddies, perfect wetsuit except for it being short legged .

    • That dark river water would have been perfect for a “Amsterdamned” remake 😉
      But then off course with a sexy female killer who dives around in black rubber to drown some divers and folks who walk near the river alone.

      They remake everything… so why haven’t Hollywood made a remake of Amsterdamned?
      The USA needs such a movie too! 😉

  2. This is definitely the total package in terms of what the site’s all about. A FFM with an ori-nasal mouthpiece, hood and gloves, and weighed down with all that equipment. I’d say it’d qualify for a modern hall of fame…if it wasn’t so damn short. It’s a crying shame, you just know there’s ten times the amount of footage just from shooting.

    • Yeah, I as well like many aspects of the video… but for my Hall of Fame it would need some real peril/action… some struggle or fight.
      The night time adds to the atmosphere… but also severly limits the visibility of our view on her. For my part I would prefer her diving in day light.

  3. Loved this film and this scene. like you have said the FFM and the gear make it for me, none of the stupid FFMs that they seem to use these days, yet never seen in a shop or in real life yet.

    love the fact that its 2 ladies in the boat, but not sure what the plot was letting go of the line and her driving off like that?

    as for the ending….. WTF. what was that all about? (spoiler alert) but how did the whole of Paris flood like that, what caused it, the explosives going off? that wouldn’t have caused what happened. it was like a freak tidal wave suddenly entered into town and took all by surprise. also where was everyone else? where had they all gone, surely people would have been looking out of windows or clinging to anything they could…. just made no sense at all.

  4. I once planned to write a short story which began with one female diver kissing another before going down.

    And now to see it realized here – wow ! Adds a nice frisson to the scene. As does the ‘ night dive ‘ element.


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